Commonly Used Poker Abbreviations and Terms



Feb 13, 2008
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FTW, at least in my experience, comes from playing video games. For instance when some is using a very lame tactic like camping and wins that way (sitting in one spot for a very long time) you could say: Camping FTW. It's usually pretty much sarcastic. But I guess you could say that in this situation it implied that the player in question went deeper in the FT by sitting out. Therefore sitting out getting closer to the win => sitting out FTW.

ftw means for the win, ffs means for F**k sakes, pffft means i hate the dealer, and if some1 says something along the lines of f#%k u f#^kin suck how the f*#k do u make a dumba$$ call means u got aces then get beat by 3 of a kind dueces on the river


Aug 18, 2006
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Very often, especially for the newest members reading the Hand Analysis part of the forum you will come across a lot of abbreviations. This isnt a definite list (yet). :)

Game Types
HE = Holdem
O = Usually Omaha Hi
O8 = Omaha Hi/Low
Stud = 7 card stud
Stud8 = 7 Card stud Hi/Low.
HORSE = Holdem, Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Eight or better H/L stud. Typically fixed limit games. Game changes with the blinds/antes online, and at predetermined intervals live

NL = No Limit
PL = Pot Limit
FL = Fixed Limit

So if you see a thread starting PL08- It refers to pot limit Omaha hi/low hand.

Table position abbreviations
SB = Small Blind
BB = Big Blind
UTG = The first person to act pre-flop (first person after the BB)
UTG+1 = Person to the left of UTG
EP = Early Position
MP = Middle Position
LP = Late Position
CO = Cut off seat, the seat directly to the right of the button.
Button = Dealer (aka OTB = On the Button)
OOP = Out of position, generally meaning UTG, first to act on the flop, or calling a LP raise from EP, etc.

Player Types
LAG = Loose Aggressive Player
TAG = Tight Aggressive Player
LAP = Loose-Passive Player

Hand Identifiers
ATC = Any Two Cards
BDSD = Backdoor Straight Draw
BDFD = Backdoor Flush Draw
FD = Flush Draw
Gutshot = Inside Straight Draw
OESD = Open End Straight Draw
OESFD = Open Ended Straight Flush Draw
o / os = Off Suit
PP = Pocket Pair
s = Suited
TPTK = Top Pair Top Kicker
TPGK = Top Pair Good Kicker
TPBK = Top Pair Bad Kicker
WA = Way Ahead
WB = Way Behind

Poker Tracker Statistics
AF = Aggression Factor
BB/100 Hands = big bets won per 100 hands played
EV = Expected Value
HR = Hourly Rate
PFR% = Preflop Raise Percent
ROI = Return on Investment
VP$IP or VPIP = Voluntarily Put Money Into Pot
WR = Win Rate
W$SD = Won $ at Showdown
WSD = Went to Showdown

Tournament Info
ITM = in the money
Bubble = busting out of a tournament in the last spot before the payouts begin.
MTT = Multi Table Tournament
STT = Single Table Tournament
SNG = Sit and Go

AI = All in
B&M = Brick and Mortar (a live card room or casino)
CR = check-raise
HU = Heads Up
PF = Pre-flop.
PFR = Pre-flop raise/pre-flop raiser.
HH = Hand history
PSB = Pot-sized bet
PSR = Pot-Sized Raise
PT = Poker Tracker
FE = Fold Equity - The chance of a bet/raise taking down the pot.
OP = Original Post

Less Common (yet all too true) Ones
WTF: I doubt that was a sound play.
OMG: I am rather surprised.
ESAD: Eat sh*t and die
NH = Thanks for donking all my chips
TY = Totally blind to the sarcasm of the above NH
OMFG = Did you really just call all in with 84os?
GG = "I beat you!"
GG = "I know."
LOL WOW = I wish I could stab people through my monitor.
DGSD= Double gutshot straight draw.
BTW, I think this should be moved to "Poker general" and maybe archived


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Jan 14, 2008
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How about Double Barrel?

Am I right in thinking it means to c-bet if you miss the flop and then c-bet again on the turn?


Aug 19, 2008
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btw (by the way) UTG ( under the gun or first to act)


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Aug 3, 2008
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you might wont to add this in somewhere this is a list of all the poker hands i could possibly find meanings for some people might have other ones that they would like to add

A A- American Airlines, Bullets, Pocket Rockets, Sharp Tops
A K- Big Slick, Salt Lake Pair, Anna Kournikova
A Q- Ice Cream, Big Chick
A J- Ajax, Jackass, blackjack
A 10- Johnny Moss, Bookends
A 9- Jesus, Rounders hand
A 8- Dead Man's Hand, Barely Legal
A 7- Red Baron
A 6- Mile High Club, Sweet Sixteen
A 5- High Five
A 4- Transvestite
A 3- Baskin-Robbins
A 2- Little Slick, Hunting Season
K K- Gorillas in the Mist, Gorillas, Cowboys, King Kong, Ace Magnets
K Q- Lucy & Ricky, Marriage
K J- Bachelor's Hand, Kojak, Jacking off
K 10- Big Al, Katie, Woodcutter
K 9- Canine, Mongrel, Pedigree, The Dog Hand, Sawmill, Pee Wee Herman
K 8- Kokomo, Kate, Monica Lewinsky
K 7- Columbia River, King Salmon
K 6- The Concubine
K 5- Rotten King
K 4- F'ing The Queen
K 3- King Crab, Sizzler
K 2- Big Fritz, Fritz, Donald Duck
Q Q- Calamity Jane, Dames, Dykes, Hookers, Mop Squeezers, Pair of Wire Cutters, Siegfreid and Roy, Hilton Sisters
Q J- Fred & Ethel, Maverick, Oedipus, Pinochle
Q 10- Goolsby, Q-Tip, Varkonyi, Quint
Q 9- Quinine
Q 8- Face Sitter
Q 7- Computer Hand
Q 6- Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lancelot
Q 5- Overtime, Granny Mae
Q 4- F*cking The King
Q 3- Gay Waiter, San Francisco Busboy, Windsor Waiter
Q 2- Daisy Duck
J J- Dyne-O-Mite, Fishhooks
J 10- Cloutier
J 9- German Virgin, Irgin Princess, Braggers
J 8- Jeffery Dahmer
J 7- Jack Daniels
J 6- Railroad Hand
J 5- Motown, Jackson Five
J 4- Flat Tire
J 3- San Francisco Waitress
J 2- J-Lo, Jew
10 10- Dimes, Tension, Boxcar, Twenty Miles
10 9-Countdown
10 8- Tetris, Tenacious
10 7- Bowling Hand, Split
10 6- Sweet Sixteen, Driver’s License
10 5- Woolworth, Five and Dime
10 4- Broderick Crawford, CB Hand, Over and Out, Big Buddy
10 3- Weinberg, Terminator 3
10 2- Doyle Brunson
9 9- Hellmuth, Gretsky
9 8- Oldsmoble
9 7- Old Man, Grape Fruit
9 6- Big Lick, Dinner for Two, Joe Bernstein, Percy, Happy Meal
9 5- Dolly Parton, Working Man
9 4- San Francisco
9 3- Jack Benny
9 2- Montana Banana, Twiggy
88- Snowmen, Dog Balls, Little Oldsmobile, Fat Ladies
87- RPM
86- Pacheco Nuts, Maxwell Smart
85- Finky Dink, California Country
84- Big Brother, George Orwell
83- Raquel Welch, Saturday Night Special
82- Sixity-Nine, Dog Balls on a Duck
77- Hockey Sticks, Sticks, Walking Sticks
76- Union Oil
75- Heinz, Filipino Slick, Pickle Man
74- Cambodian Slick, Double Down
73- Dutch Waiter, Hachem
72- Beer Hand
66- Kicks, Route 66
65- Retirement
64- LBJ, The Question
63- Blocky, Jimmy Summerfield, Sick Crab
62- Ainsworth, Bird Flu
55- Presto, Speed Limit, Nickels
54- Jesse James
53- Bully Johnson, Herbie, The Love Bug
52- Bombers, Two Bites
44- Sail Boats, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader
43- Waltz Time
42- Lumberman's Hand, The Miracle
33- Crabs
32- Big Gulp, Jordan, Aggie Slick, Hooter Hand, Polish Big Slick
22- Ducks, Quacks, Deuces Never Loses


Aug 7, 2008
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a couple to add to the list.


another would be in the guide to 10k post micro stakes.

LAG (~20/15 to 30/20).

what does the numbers mean?


Nov 7, 2007
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Limping is just calling the Big Blind to start the hand instead of raising.

Shoving is moving all in

Broadway - A,K,Q,J,10

Can't help you with pokertracker numbers.


Aug 7, 2008
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i didnt know they were from pokertracker. thanks for the info


Sep 27, 2008
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i find your less common abbreviations amusing... thanks! ahaha


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Oct 9, 2008
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What does it mean to be out of position?


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Oct 4, 2008
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Really helpful list. Is there a way for me to save this page somewhere to easily access it later, ya know, so I don't have to search and search for it again?



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Mar 30, 2005
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Could someone please explain to me AF and what it refers to


Feb 4, 2008
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Could someone please explain to me AF and what it refers to

Aggression factor is calculated as (Raise % + Bet %) / (Call %).

An AF of 1.0 means a person bets or raises as much as he calls. Less than 1 means he calls more, or is more passive. Between 1 and 1.5 is average. Greater than 1.5 or 2.0 is considered aggressive. Some say players should be around 3.

but it takes a large sample to get an accurate idea of someones AF


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Oct 29, 2008
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RichOne, out of position at least imo is when after the flop you are behind another person (i.e. they can act after you do) and therefore are at a disadvantage with the betting.


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Nov 25, 2008
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is there a site where i can play against a teacher where i will get advice on hands?
Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

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Mar 26, 2005
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Yes, right here at CardsChat. Post hand histories for hands in question in the hand analysis section and you'll get input/advice.


Apr 7, 2007
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double barreling( I see this and think I know but not totally sure)
floating a bet (same as above)


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May 3, 2005
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double barreling( I see this and think I know but not totally sure)
floating a bet (same as above)

I'm no authority but is not "floating a bet" akin to "testing the waters"? To me "small" is implied....floating a small bet.

Situation would be you are not sure how your hand stacks up but you act anyway with a small bet to see who salutes. Alternatively, it could be you you want to induce betting so you bet something small and hope someone tries to come over the top at which point you assert your monster with an AI re-raise.

With "double barreling" you may be moving further into the realm of multiple interpretations --- it could mean AI (shooting both barrels of your dbl barrel shotgun) or it could also mean firing off consecutive large bets/raises.

Did not see mention of...

A 2 3 4 5 straight, aka (also known as) a Little Wheel or just a Wheel.
This hand was worth over $9.1 million just last month :)

SMOG - sweet mother of gawd! (how can these cards suck so bad?!?!?)
GFW - Go! Fight! Win!

Okay, here's one for me -- believe I saw this was used in reference to ME twice in last night's FR....seemed derogatory somehow :eek: :mad: tho I may simply be paranoid :p

ccmf, anyone elaborate?

Now if a six, turned out to be nine
I don't mind, I don't mind

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