Your Guide to CardsChat Freerolls

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CardsChat members can participate in freerolls at the best poker rooms by using our exclusive freeroll passwords. There are three password access levels: Bronze, Silver, and Platinum Levels. This page breaks down the requirements for each level and how to get your password. (Levels are subject to temporary changes in the event of password sharing.)

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 CardsChat freerolls are the smartest way to build a small bankroll and start grinding without spending a penny.  

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 The freerolls offer an excellent opportunity to hone skills cheaply against better than average competition.  


We are currently unable to run real money events on poker sites in the US, but instead you can play in our Community Games here. These events are open to all members at varying levels, where you can earn cash prizes.

Access guides

Step by Step Guide for Bronze Level

  1. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register an account on the CardsChat forum.

  2. Go to the Bronze Level password forum thread to view Bronze passwords.

  3. Head to your chosen poker room to use your password.

Passwords are updated in the forum thread on the day of the tournament, no later than 30 minutes before the tournament start time (in most cases). Not all CardsChat freerolls are available at the Bronze Level. Read the first post of the Bronze Passwords thread for a schedule of Bronze games. If you can’t find the freeroll password you are looking for, it’s likely to be a Silver or Platinum Level game.

Step by Step Guide for Silver Level

  1. Make sure to add your poker site IDs to your user profile. Must be registered on the CardsChat forum to set up your profile.

  2. Become an active member by making at least 25 quality posts on the forum.

  3. You can access the Silver Level Password forum within 24 hours after reaching 25 posts. Read here for more information about Silver Level games and passwords.

  4. Head to your chosen poker room to use your password.

You must remain active in the forum to continue to enjoy access to the Silver Level freeroll passwords. Click here for even more information about Silver Level requirements.

Step by Step Guide for Platinum Level Members

  1. If you haven’t already, make sure you add your poker site IDs to your user profile (must be a registered member of our CardsChat forum).

  2. If you ARE active in the VIP Program*:

    • Make at least 75 quality posts over a current 30 day period

    If you are NOT active in the VIP Program:

    • You must make at least 100 quality posts over a current 6 week period

    Being active in the VIP Program means you have claimed a non-automated task in the past 30 days and have a personal VIP thread. Click here for your complete guide to the VIP Program!

  3. Once you have completed steps one and two, request to join the Platinum Level in the Platinum Level sign-up thread.

    Forum moderators will review your post quality and activity levels to determine your eligibility. It normally takes 7-10 days for your request to be reviewed.

    What is a Quality Post? Click here to find out!

  4. If successful, you can get your password from the Platinum Level password forum.

  5. Head to your chosen poker room to use your password.

You must remain active in the forum to continue to enjoy access to the Platinum Level freeroll passwords. Typically, reasonable activity is equivalent to 3-4 quality posts most weeks. Click here for more information about Platinum Level requirements. You can find even more freerolls here.

CardsChat Freeroll FAQs

Do I have to be an active member to receive CardsChat freeroll passwords?

No. All CardsChat forum members can get access to Bronze Level freeroll passwords, all the time, regardless of posting or log in activity. Just head to our Bronze Level password thread.

Where can I find the freeroll passwords for Bronze Level?

Find your password in the Bronze Level freeroll password thread. You just need to make sure you’ve signed up to be a member of the CardsChat forum first.

Where can I find freeroll passwords for Silver members?

You can get Silver passwords from the Silver Level password forum, but first you need to make sure you’ve reached the Silver Level requirements, as listed in our access guide

Where can I find freeroll passwords for Platinum Level members?

If you’ve achieved the Platinum Level requirements as listed in our access guide, you can request to join the Platinum Level. Once your access has been approved, you can get your password from the Platinum Level Passwords forum.

Where can I find a list of freeroll tournaments on offer?

You can find a list of the freeroll tournaments on offer at the different access levels on this page. For upcoming freeroll tournaments, check out our CardsChat calendar.

What is a quality post?

The best quality posts meet most (or all!) of the following criteria:

  • Is relevant, on-topic and adds value to the thread it is posted in.
  • Is something you put time, effort and thought into and does not appear to be posted with the intent of increasing your post count.
  • Is easily understood.
  • Is in legible English with good grammar and punctuation.
  • Is interesting and encourage more discussion in the thread.
  • Is not in all caps.

An example of a low-quality post is “good luck”, “yes” or “agree” and may be deleted.

What sites offer the best freerolls?

We’ve created a guide on the best sites for freeroll poker games. Find a list of the best sites and what to expect when you sign up with them.