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Online casinos are like virtual vaults full of cash that are waiting to be unlocked. Through a combination of skillful play and careful selection it's possible to unpick these locks and take your bankroll to the next level.

However, while the process of becoming a strategy expert is a solitary process, the act of finding the right platform to ply your trade at is a collective effort. At CardsChat we appreciate this fact and have reviewed every major (and minor) online casino on the planet to help you sort it all out.

From Betfair and Sky Vegas to Betfred and Titan Casino, we've covered all the top providers and broken each of them down into their consistent parts in order to bring you a series of in-depth overviews.

Read our thorough online casino reviews and discover:

  • Which gambling sites offer the games you're looking for
  • The top casinos online with promos that go beyond just bonuses
  • Sites that let you play on Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets

Why Are Online Casino Reviews Necessary?

Thanks to the expansion of the internet in recent times the process of reviewing a brand has shifted from subjective word-of-mouth to an objective process shaped by the experiences of a community. Today, you wouldn't buy anything without checking the product's reviews or the supplier's online rating and we believe this process shouldn't be any different when selecting an online casino provider.

We don't want you to risk your money at a site without knowing whether or not it has a positive reputation. Because of this we've collated a huge amount of data and opinion, pieced it all together and presented in a selection of reviews so you don't have to rely on guess work or hearsay when choosing a platform.

Why Should You Trust Us? has been operating in the online gambling space for more than a decade and during that time we've seen everything from the great and the good to the downright awful. Through a combination of experience, industry insight and working relationships with all the top providers, we've been able to bore down into the fundamentals of all our online casino partners.

Because we've been around the virtual block more than once we know a winner from a loser and feel it's our duty to show you them. It's our belief that if we are bold enough to offer you the best online casino deals, then we should be mindful enough to give you an objective overview of each platform. When you make a deposit at any of our partner casinos we are 100% confident you'll not only get the best service but a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

How We Review Online Casinos

Trusted Online CasinosTo ensure all of our online casino reviews are as comprehensive and informative as possible, we like to focus on a range of different areas. Through consultation with our industry experts, community of players and gaming providers, we've assess our partner rooms using the following criteria:

  • Welcome Bonuses: If you're a budding grinder then welcome bonuses are an essential facet of the game and something you should take particular note of when reviewing an online casino. All of our reviews focus not only on the size of an operator's welcome reward but how accessible they are. There's little point in offering players a huge bonus if the clearing requirements make it too difficult to realise. Thus, when we review an online casino's welcome bonus we consider its overall value as well as its relative value to the average player.
  • Game Selection: When you join an online casino you want to know that there's enough variety to keep you amused. While you may enjoy blackjack over every other casino game, there will likely come a time when you fancy a spin on the roulette wheel or a roll of the dice on the baccarat tables. All of our reviews consider a site's selection of games and we test each of them to ensure that they are fair, safe and well crafted.
  • Software: Online casinos can rise and fall based on how they look and if a provider's software is lacking then it can make for an unpleasant gaming experience. In order to make a profit when gambling it's important that you play for an extended period of time in order to offset negative variance. If the user interface is unattractive then it's unlikely you'll want to play there for an extended amount of time, so for this reason we've taken the playability of a site into account when constructing our reviews.
  • Customer Support and Banking: To ensure every aspect of your online casino experience is as smooth as possible, from registration and depositing to withdrawing your winnings, an efficient customer service is necessary. One of the biggest gripes casino patrons often have is that their problems aren't addressed in a timely manner. Because of this we've tested every aspect of a provider's platform to ensure every consumer step is simple and efficient. Moreover, we've gone through the support process to ensure it's easy to get help when you need it.
  • Fairness: All reputable online casino providers must be regulated by an independent body to ensure its games are fair and safe. We are aware of all the major licensing commissions and, thus, monitor all of our partner rooms to ensure each is certified as honest and secure.

In-Depth Reviews And Free Play

Although we're sure that our online casino reviews are the most in-depth anywhere online, we don't want you to simply take our word for it. All of our associates have a free play platform through which you can test out the software without risking any money. By combining this with our comprehensive reviews we believe you'll get a complete picture of exactly what an online casino room is like. Moreover, we think you'll find the perfect place to ply your trade and make a lot of money in the process.