Mike Postle’s Internet Bully Trolls Have Mysteriously Disappeared

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Mike Postle had many keyboard warriors defending him against cheating allegations, but those Twitter accounts have gone noticeably silent in recent months. Meanwhile, the accused poker cheater is having issues presenting his civil lawsuit against those he claims defamed his character.

Mike Postle poker cheater
Mike Postle isn’t having much luck these days. (Image: YouTube)

Veronica Brill, a player and commentator at Stones Gambling Hall, accused Postle of cheating in Sept. 2019. She alleges the Northern California poker pro somehow had access to his opponent’s hole cards during Stones Live streams.

Postle instantly denied the accusations and has stood by that stance ever since, although he’s avoided the public eye for quite some time. He told CardsChat News back in 2019 that Brill was just “jealous” of his greatness. Many poker players began investigating Postle by watching countless hours of Stones Live streams. Most came to the conclusion that he cheated, based on his uncanny ability to seemingly never make an incorrect decision on the river.

He was successful in defending himself in civil court against a $10 million lawsuit filed by more than 80 plaintiffs. Once that case concluded, he filed his own lawsuit against Brill and many others in the poker community, whom he claims defamed his character over the past year.

Postle is seeking $330 million in what Todd Witteles, one of the defendants, refers to as a “frivolous lawsuit.” But he’s run into a bit of a wall. Postle’s attorneys sought removal from the case and were granted the request by the judge.

Where Did the Bullies Go?

Most poker Twitter users have argued that Postle is guilty of cheating for months at the poker table. There are, however, a handful of Twitter accounts that spent months vehemently defending the accused poker player. Those accounts, over the past few months, have stopped verbally attacking those who slam Postle. Postle’s defenders include Justin Kuraitis (@JFKPokerTD), the Stones employee who operated the live-streams, and who hasn’t posted since Sept. 22, 2020.

Kuraitis, who took shots at the poker community for accusing Postle of cheating, went off on a Twitter rant following the civil case dismissal in September.

Kuraitis has been absent for months, and so is an account that Witteles claims is actually Kuraitis in disguise. That Twitter account is @pokerheroes1, which hasn’t tweeted since October. The @pokerheroes1 account is one of Postle’s strongest defenders. In fact, nearly every post on that account is in regard to Postle.

Another keyboard warrior who repeatedly defends Postle is an unknown person under the screen name @poker_thug, a fitting name for this account. The individual behind the account has posted only sparingly over the past few months. Last month, she tweeted an abusive comment directed at poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Mike Postle.

“Aren’t you the woman poker player who makes videos about f*****g and s*****g guys off for buy ins to play poker?” a supposed grown adult tweeted at Cordeiro.

That’s been par for the course for months for @poker_thug. She sent out a warning to the defendants in the Postle lawsuit back in September.

Why have the pro-Postle accounts gone silent in recent months? Only they know the answer to that. But we do know their disappearance has made poker Twitter a less abusive place.

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