Mike Postle Loses Lawyer, Faces Additional Legal Problems

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Mike Postle ended 2020 on a high after beating a $10 million lawsuit and filing his own $330 million countersuit in its place. Now, however, a recent ruling means he could be contending with new legal issues.

Mike Postle
Mike Postle will have to fight his case against the people who accused of cheating without a legal team. (Image: Inkedin)

Postle, a player from Northern California, was originally accused of cheating by a group of players at his home casino. The 2019 lawsuit, led by Veronica Brill, claims that Postle had an illegal advantage in live-streamed games at Stones Gambling Hall.

A judge dismissed the case and Postle hit back with a defamation claim. But, in a twist of fate, he’s now fighting that claim on his own.

Postle Will Have to Fight Alone

Attorney Mac VerStandig, who led the initial case against Postle, said last month that the alleged cheater was facing fresh legal issues. He posted a document that showed Postle’s lawyer asking to be relieved of his duties.

Steven T. Lowe of Lowe & Associates filed the motion with the Sacramento Superior Court on Dec. 8. His reasons for wanting to be removed imply that Postle was uncooperative and, potentially, unable to pay for Lowe’s services.

“The client has failed to comply with the written agreement between the firm and the client, and communication has otherwise ceased between client and attorney,” reads the motion.

Judge Richard K. Sueyoshi issued on ruling on Jan. 14. Todd Witteles, a player named in Postle’s $330 million lawsuit, tweeted on Jan. 15 that Lowe’s request had been granted.

This leaves Postle without a legal team unless he’s found a new lawyer in the past few days. Moreover, it makes fighting the defamation case a lot more difficult.

No One is Folding Just Yet

Brill was quick to comment. Her barbed tweet referenced Postle’s recent strategy of going AWOL.

“Time for Postle to find some money for a new lawyer, but he’ll probably just stay hiding in his house and do nothing,” Brill tweeted.

To compound matters, Brill and Witteles have filed anti-SLAPP motions against Postle.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are attempts to intimate or silence critics through “expensive, baseless” legal proceedings. Anti-SLAPP motions are designed to push back and protect people exercising their First Amendment rights.

These motions will be heard next month and, if they go against Postle, he could be forced to pay additional legal fees. These payments would be on top of anything he may or may not owe to his former legal representative.

As things go, it’s not the best start to 2021 for Mike Postle. Even though he wasn’t charged with cheating, he now faces a fresh fight to clear his name and keep his bankroll intact.

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