Poker Watchdog: Postlegate Settlement an ‘Insignificant Amount’

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Todd Witteles, aka “Dan Druff,” host of Poker Fraud Alert Radio, shared inside info about the settlement between Mike Postle’s accusers and Stones Gambling Hall, the casino where his alleged cheating took place. Witteles claims the 88 plaintiffs won’t be heavily compensated.

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Mike Postle may never be held responsible for his alleged actions. (Image: YouTube)

In late September, Veronica Brill accused Postle of cheating. Brill claimed the Northern California pro had access to his opponents’ hole cards during numerous “Stones Live” streams. The poker player instantly denied the allegations, but has never revealed any evidence proving his innocence, despite telling CardsChat News in October that he would.

“I’m having a third-party compile a large amount of hands disproving [Brill’s claims],” he said to us at the time.

Postle is accused of cheating players out of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the livestream. He supposedly used some sort of electronic device to gain access to his opponent’s hole cards. Despite failing to disclose his own evidence refuting the claim, a $10 million lawsuit in California against Postle was dismissed in June. But Stones Casino isn’t off the hook just yet, as we learned from a recent Poker Fraud Alert Radio episode.

Witteles Reveals Postlegate Details

During a recent Druff & Friends episode on Poker Fraud Alert Radio, Witteles shared some private information about a reported settlement involving Stones Casino and Postle’s accused victims. The original lawsuit sought a payment of $10 million to be distributed between 88 plaintiffs. But if Witteles’ source, whom he didn’t reveal, is correct, the amount they’ll receive pales in comparison to the original lawsuit.

“I have been told that the amount of money being settled for is, it might surprise you a little bit,” Witteles said before he teased the amount. “It’s closer to zero-point-zero than $1 million dollars by a wide margin. I actually know how much it is, but I’m not going to tell you that. But I will tell you that it is a fairly low, nominal sum of money. I don’t mean like $5, but this is not an impressive sum of money for each person. It’s not even a semi-impressive sum of money for each person.”

He said the low amount each player is set to receive is likely due to there being 88 plaintiffs. So, the money will apparently be disbursed evenly between Postle’s alleged victims.

“If it was one or two people, then they’d be getting better money,” Witteles continued.

Witteles also said he was informed by his source that Stones is requiring 65 of the 88 plaintiffs to agree to the settlement, or the deal is off.

“Why would they care about how many will accept it?” he asked before claiming Stones believes it would win if the case went to trial. “The main reason is publicity … I’ve been told that the settlement includes a mutual non-disparagement agreement. This means they can’t bash Stones.”

Listen to the full episode (Postle discussion begins at the 2:20:00 mark)

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