'BERRI SWEET' Wins $418K at Online Poker in November

‘BERRI SWEET’ Wins $418K at Online Poker in November, Holds 2017 Lead Over ‘Isildur1’

December 4th, 2017 by Chad Holloway

With less than a month to go in 2017, “BERRI SWEET” is currently online poker’s biggest winner of the year with more than $1.85 million in PokerStars winnings. That was boosted by $418,381 after he finishes as the biggest November online poker winner.

“BERRI SWEET” and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom are foes on the virtual felt, and both are in contention to become 2017’s biggest online winner with one month to go. (Image: PokerStars)

Down to Wire

Hot on the heels of “BERRI SWEET” was Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov, who won $93,973 in November, to bring his yearly winnings up to $1,794,515. The only other player with seven-figures in winnings for the year is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom ($1,230,486), despite his losing $264,425 last month.

According to HighStakesDB, “BERRI SWEET” was involved in the five biggest pots from the past 30 days, and he managed to win four of them.

In the biggest pot, which took place Nov. 28 at a six-handed $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha table, “Grazvis1” ($53,786.74) opened for $800 under the gun and “BERRI SWEET” ($76,972) just called one spot over.

Blom ($90,346.47) then three-bet to $3,740 from the button, both blinds folded, and “Grazvis1” called. “BERRI SWEET” woke up with a four-bet to $16,300, both his opponents called, and the flop came down 9♠3♣5♣. “Grazvis1” checked, “BERRI SWEET” moved all-in for $47,035, and Blom isolated by moving all-in over the top.

“Grazvis1” folded and Blom tabled the 8♥9♥Q♠6♠ for top pair with backdoor draws. He needed some help as “BERRI SWEET” held the 4♣A♠A♦7♥ for aces and double-gutshot straight draw. Neither the 3♦ turn nor K♥ river helped Blom, and he watched the $169,984 pot pushed to “BERRI SWEET.”

November Online Poker Biggest Winners
(161 sessions/10,389 hands) +$418,381
Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (26 sessions/3,553 hands) +$339,755
Laszlo “omaha4rolzz” Bujtas (88 sessions/4,484 hands) +$159,151
€uroTr@sh1 (64 sessions/2,962 hands) +$127,249
OhHeyCindy (36 sessions/3,159 hands) +$117,998
Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov (10 sessions/1,238 hands) +$105,555
Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov (40 sessions/4,170 hands) +$93,975
jobetzu (27 sessions/1,066 hands) +$91,962
candela2005 (97 sessions/1,943 hands) +$86,666
Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky (47 sessions/1,085 hands) +$81,076

Another Disaster Month for Kelopuro

On the other end of the spectrum, Carlo “Ravenswood13” Ravenswoudm, who was October’s biggest online poker winner with $322K in earnings, was the biggest loser in November. He dropped $266,126 in 9,783 hands over 56 sessions. That was just $1,701 more than Blom lost in November.

Likewise, October’s biggest loser Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro had another bad month, losing $129,779 in 2,950 hands over 44 sessions. The only other player to lose six figures in November was “Stefblue3,” who lost $122,295 in 1,036 hands over 19 sessions.

In one big hand, which took place on Nov. 28 at a three-handed $100/$200 PLO table, “BERRI SWEET” ($110,268.25) raised to $1,640 on the button and Kelopuro ($81,031.25) defended from the big blind.

When the flop came down 8♦9♣K♣, Kelopuro led out for $5,096.98 and “BERRI SWEET” called. The 2♣ fell on the turn. Kelopuro check-called a bet of $10,431.72, and then check-called for $34,772.40 more after an A♣ river.

“BERRI SWEET” rolled over the K♥5♠Q♣4♣ to show the nut flush, and he was pushed the $104,162.20 pot after Kelopuro mucked.

November Online Poker Biggest Losers
Carlo “Ravenswood13” Ravenswoud
(56 sessions/9,783 hands) -$266,126
Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (121 sessions/19,615 hands) -$264,425
Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro (44 sessions/2,950 hands) -$129,779
Stefblue3 (19 sessions/1,036 hands) -$122,295
EEE27 (313 sessions/15,540 hands) -$99,195
Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn (30 sessions/1,877 hands) -$93,768
8superpoker (48 sessions/3,010  hands) -$91,198
huang33 (62 sessions/6,814 hands) -$87,600
BlackFortuna (47 sessions/2,468 hands) -$83,847
dean_nolan1 (6 sessions/564 hands) -$81,507

4 Responses to “‘BERRI SWEET’ Wins $418K at Online Poker in November, Holds 2017 Lead Over ‘Isildur1’”

  1. Aparajit says:

    wow very nice players n info to read,

  2. Quads2017 says:

    BERRI SWEET also played by far the most hands! Never realized how big pots are played playing PLO.

    Is there a prize for the one the leads at the end of the year or “just” the money and fame?

  3. CRStals says:

    I realize that this is all relative to one’s bankroll and comfort level playing, but my god to read the list of losers in November is eye opening.

    For example – Dean Nolan lost $144.52 / hand. Not session. Not BB/100…. per hand. 564 hands wouldn’t take that long to play out, but to lose $144 / hand I can’t fathom. Not at all.

    This of course got me thinking…for a site like PokerStars with hundreds of thousands of players, what’s the potential poker account look like for them, and how much do players deposit, and withdraw monthly.

    Assume 200,000 active real money players. There will be a large percentage that will carry balances of $100 or less, and then a handful that have six or seven figures on the site, but is it safe to assume that Stars is making interest off of, I don’t know, one billion US dollars? And how much do the low end deposit – $100k / day? Or the high rollers withdraw? Like if Berri Sweet has made $1.85M this year, how much are they rolling with? Playing PLO $100/$200 I’d guess they’ve got over $1M online, probably withdrawing at least $600k which is more than enough to live on per year.

    My curiosity of course draws my attention to how much Stars and other poker sites act like a bank. Money goes in, money goes out, money is invested, but Stars doesn’t have to be regulated like a bank….It’s probably not a stretch to say that Stars is making over $100M / year on pure interest on the money they have.

    Anyone have better info than my rough guesses?

  4. Rijckenborg says:

    Witch such a big win, I will take the money and run.
    You will never see me again 😛
    I plan to buy a land off the grid, far away from any kind of Civilization and live without any kind of electricity.

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