Is it worth calling betting?



I was in aheads up game.I had 10 5 of suite.

we both checked pre flop, I was on the big blind. The flop came out 10 Q K, he checked, so I bet, it was average size bet, he just called. The next card was J, he checked so I bet again but double it from the first bet. He just called again. The river was a nine, it was all mixed suites so I knew I did not have to worry about the flush. But there was a str8 on the board 9 - K. He then went all in so I thought str8 away he has hit a str8 8 - Q. Because of the river card coming out he went all in. I thought about it and i was saying to my self, look its most likely to be a split pot, but obviously if he went all in, he may have the ace. He slow played it so much,I dont know if he played it good or bad. I looked at my chips and I folded. He did infact have AJ, so I did a great fold.

But the question is if theres a str8 on the board 9-k and the pot is getting big, is it worth calling a big bet or all in bet when really you might be in with a high % of splitting the pot.

I hope you understand my post, Thanks in advance


Depends how big the pot is, how much it costs to call, how many chips you'll have left if you call and lose. There's no universal answer.

BTW I think you should check the turn here. You're beaten by almost any hand.
Egon Towst

Egon Towst

Cardschat Elite
In heads-up, so much depends on what you know of the other player and his style.

A lot of players (including me, depending on my read of you) would go all-in in your opponent`s place whether we had the Ace or not, just to put pressure on you and force you into making a tough decision.

If I make a big bluff in this situation and you call, I`ve lost nothing (unless you have the Ace, which is unlikely). We split the pot, but you`ll remember I made that move. Next time I push you`ll be wondering - is he bluffing again ? Dare I call again ? These sorts of mind games are a big part of heads-up play.

As it happens, you were right to lay down but wrong - I agree with Bombjack - to be contesting this so hard in the first place. The board`s terrible for you. Save your chips for a better opportunity.
Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

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And don't forget your read on him. If you do have a read on him, then you have to factor that into the pot odds equation. If I know someone to be super aggressive or to bluff to take a split pot away from me, then I will call even if the pot odds aren't exactly right.
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