Bad Beats




chuck that is not a bad beat.. it might be a bad play letting an AX limp in and see the flop and flop top pair, but in this case the KK outplayed you. A bad beat is when someone is going into the turn or river with very low odds of winning and catching a miracle card or cards to beat a "made hand".


Legend know what i mean


how about " losses that piss me off " ?
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daka said:
I see everyones bad beats <medic!> and like the rest of you I've had similar experiences, they hurt, especially when AA, KK or AK tanks. But when a player on my table was playing crazy, all in everything, and winning, it burnt my a**. Finally called w/ with KK and had the stack to get rid of the player. KK vs. 3 8 offsuit, and still got beat grrrr. I was not the only victim of that crap, the player never, NEVER had anything that would be considered a reasonable all in call. Not sure what happened after that but WTF!!!!!! I chat w/ pro tonight though and it was his first time back to online poker in awhile because he was sick and disgusted with the ridiculous bad beats. So hang in there all what goes around comes around and the poker gods (lol) will be on your side again shortly!
LOL Ehemmm.. shortly?? For some reason I have a poker god that is taking his sweet time. I have seen snails move faster then the poker god who has his hand over other lucky schmoes vs me.


Just lost a tourney at pokerchamp.
1st hand in tourney, got Jc 5c in BB
flop: h5 h8 dJ - two pair - bet half stack
one calls
turn: 2s - still two pair - all in
one call again - shows QQ
river: Q
knocked my coffe mug over....
and my tourney was over in minutes
but I would have done same as my opponent..