pot odds and implied odds



Rising Star
whats the differnce between these two
i sorda get the idea behind pot odds but what about implied odds


Implied odds are the ratio of the total amount of $ you expect to win if you make your hand to the bet you must now call to continue in the hand.

So lets say you have 89 and the board is:


You are pretty sure your opponet has an Ace or even two pair.

Lets say you both have $100 in front of you and there is a $50 pot. He bets $30 to you...

If you make your hand, you figure he will most likely push all of his chips in. So your implied odds are 150:30 or (you will win $150 ($50 in the pot+ $100 he has) if you call his $30 bet).

So you have 5:1 implied odds.

To caluculate the pot odds in this situation you take the # of outs you have (8) and divide by the # of cards unseen (45).

You are getting 5.625:1 pot odds on hitting your straight draw.
It is a close call, but in this situation I would not make it.


Pot odds are calculated by the money in the pot, being put into the pot and what you are going to be putting in. In your example the Pot is $50, he puts in $30. So now that makes $80.00, divide that by what you have to put in which is another $30.00 and that is roughly 2.666:1.


For flush draws, or straight draws, what does every like the pot odds to be before they call?

I saw a post above that said they wouldn't 5.6 to 1. What does everyone like?????

I find these "draws" to be the toughest calls I have to make.


Bryan The Jew

For flush draws (which are more likely) I like somewhere around 6:1 pot odds. I may to 5:1 once in a while, but usually has to be 6:1 or so. For straight draws (which are less likely) I like at least 8:1. This iss becuase the odds of hitting the striaght are low, and therefore you need larger pot odds.
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