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Best Poker Odds Calculator – Fast, Simple, Free!

Our poker odds calculator allows you to simulate a poker game and see the likelihood that you’ll win your hand. It calculates the odds of every possible outcome in seconds, giving you an edge over other players and stopping you from making crucial mistakes.

It’s simple to use. Select the variation you’re playing and the cards in play, then watch as it calculates the odds of you winning, losing and drawing.

How To Use Our Poker Odds Calculator

  1. Select the variation of poker you’re playing from the choices at the top of the calculator. We’ve built the poker calculator to provide poker hand odds calculations on Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo and Razz.
  2. Select the cards that you're holding. They will then appear in your hand.
  3. Choose the two cards that your first competitor has. If you have more than one opponent, then you can continue to give out cards.
  4. Alternatively, once you have selected your own cards, hit the ‘Randomize cards’ button to randomly fill in all other players’ cards.
  5. Once cards have been dealt to all players you want to include, you can click on the centre cards to deal the Flop, Turn and River.
  6. As you deal the cards, the overall odds will start calculating and will continue to do so, even as you add in the community cards.

What Is A Poker Odds Calculator?

Every player is looking for an edge when they're at the tables to help them win. A betting odds calculator – specifically the CardsChat poker odds calculator – is a preferred tool for thousands of players. But what exactly is it?

A poker odds calculator is a piece of poker software that lets you run any scenario that you might see at a poker table. You can fill in your own hand and calculate the chances of you winning against a series of other hands. In other words, it gives you a simple snapshot of what you can expect and, like any good poker calculator, makes it easy to make the right decision quickly. There are no guarantees, but in the long run, using this kind of statistical information can give you a real edge over players.

Why Use a Poker Odds Calculator?

Poker Odds Calculator

We think every poker player can benefit from using our poker odds calculator, and this is how.

1. Learn as you play

With a poker calculator you’re able to do more than just “monitor” the game as you play - you can obtain a further grasp on what hand beats what as the game unfolds. This is ideal for poker beginners.

2. Practise with hypotheticals

Before you play you can run hypothetical situations through the odds calculator to improve your skills. For all but the most experienced poker players, using an online poker calculator to do this will prove invaluable.

3. Enjoy “Automated” play

Poker can often be a data and calculation intensive game. A poker odds calculator allows a player – in a sense – to play in an automated fashion. While you still make the decisions, a poker calculator picks up the slack for the analysis side of the game so you don't have to.

Other Ways to Improve Your Game

Using an online poker odds calculator is a huge help when it comes to improving your game, but how else can you increase your odds of winning?

1. Understand the importance of strategy

Think you can play poker blind successfully? Think again. Every successful player looks to carry a poker strategy into battle. There are countless poker strategies out there, some of which are easy to adopt, while others prove to be a little more complicated. No matter which you opt for, you must understand the importance of using it and how it can make you a better player.

2. Take in the top hands

You must understand what all the poker hands are when playing Texas Hold'em. To get you up to speed, here's a quick rundown of hand order.

Royal Flush – 10, J, K, Q, A of the same suit

Straight Flush – Five cards in numerical order, all required to be of the same suit

Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same type spanning all four suits

Full House – Three of kind plus a pair, sometimes referred to as a “Full Boat”

Flush – Any five cards of a single suit

Straight – Five cards of a running numerical order, suit irrelevant

Three of a Kind – Also known as trips, this hand is made up of three cards of the same rank, spanning three suits

Two Pairs – Two pairs that double up within a hand

One Pair – Two cards that are the same but of different suits

High Card – Highest single value card

3. Learn about poker terminology

Poker isn't just a fun card game, it's a sub-culture. It's even generated its own terminology. For any prospective poker player, it's worth looking into poker's terminology, so you can know your short stack from your showdown when in the heat of play. Use our poker glossary to help.

Basic Poker Odds Chart

You can use this simple odds chart for calculating odds and probabilities while playing, helping you to decide which bets to make. It has basic hand odds given the number of "outs" after the flop or after the turn. Feel free to save this image to your computer for use anytime you need it!

Poker Odds Chart
Poker Outs Chart

Poker Odds Chart (Including Starting Hands)

This chart displays some poker odds as well as recommended starting hands for playing poker. These hands generally have the greatest odds of winning a hand. This helpful chart is available for free download, just click the button below.

Poker Odds Chart
Poker Odds Chart

Poker Odds FAQ

More Poker Math

While you don't have to be a mathematical genius to play poker (although it can certainly help), it is worth knowing some of the basic odds, probabilities and percentages behind the various hands. That way you'll know the odds of your opponent getting a royal flush are around 649,739 to 1. The Wolfram Mathworld site has detailed odds on all the poker hands to get you clued up.