What are the odds?



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I was not involved in this hand but if someone out there is good with odds and such you could maye tell me what the odds of this happening are.

I know the odds of one player flopping a flush is around 100-1 but 3 players?

** Dealing the flop: 9 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, Queen of Hearts
lisisimagen checked
DrHansen bet - $0.60
Paha4 called - $0.60
lisisimagen raised - $3.60
DrHansen called - $3.60
Paha4 called - $3.60

** Dealing the turn: 8 of Clubs
lisisimagen went all-in - $12.91
DrHansen went all-in - $1.33
Paha4 went all-in - $10.20
lisisimagen shows: 6 of Hearts, 7 of Hearts
DrHansen shows: 8 of Hearts, 2 of Hearts
Paha4 shows: Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts

** Dealing the river: 4 of Clubs
Paha4 wins $15.69 from the main pot
Paha4 wins $33.43 from side pot 1


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The odds are dependant on how many players are in the hand. The odds of 3 players in a 10 player table flopping a flush each are much less than 3 players out of 3 flopping a flush.
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