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Oct 23, 2005
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Techniques For Winning At online poker



Great article.

I had one question to you. Wouldn't you advise calling with
all pairs even with when facing a raise?

I play 25 NL on Party and I will call a raise with any pair
as long as the raise is less than 10% of the opposing
players stack. My thinking, with a monster hand like AA or
KK that he is raising; when I do hit my set I am taking his
whole stack.

So I hit my set statistically 1 in 8 times and call any
raise with any pair as long as its 10% or less of a players
stack. I make most of my money on the no limit tables doing

My basic strategy is to raise the same with every hand as to
not giveaway my hand.

AA, KK - raise 8 times the big blind (which is $2 on a 25NL
table) and if someone has raised before me I usually put
them to the test and reraise 3 times the amount they have
put in or go all in.

AK, AQ - I raise 8 times the big blind if no one has raised
in front of me. If someone has limped or no one has entered
the pot I will raise 8 times the big blind. If the pot has
been raised before me, I will only call if I have a decent
read on the player.

QQ, JJ - I raise 8 times the big blind if no one has raised
in front of me. If someone has limped or no one has entered
the pot I will raise 8 times the big blind. If the pot has
been raised before me, I will call and play cautiously post
flop if I don't flop trips or my pocket pair is not the
higher than the board.

AJ - This hand has gotten me in trouble. I usually limp in
or call the big blind. I throw away to any raise before me
and usually fold it if a raise comes behind me.

1010, 99, 88, 77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22 - call the big blind.
maybe raise 1010 and 99 in late position if no one has
entered the pot. I will call a raise up 10% of the raising
players stack. Post flop I know where I stand if I hit my
set or not, or my pocket pair is above what the board shows.

I usually move tables quickly after I double my stack up,
because most players will learn how you play and its hard to
get action on raises after they learn you play real hands
and push with them.

- S.


Wow. What great insights.

You've hit on some KILLER strategies here that can be
instantly implemented to win more money at online poker.

First of all, I noticed that you said, "My basic strategy is
to raise the same with every hand as to not giveaway my

This is brilliant. I often employ this technique myself,
because it keeps your opponents COMPLETELY off-balance...
guessing at what you're holding.

You also brought up a great point about the value of hitting
trips when you wrote, "When I do hit my set I am taking his
whole stack."

This concept can be taken FURTHER...

In online poker, IMPLIED odds are a more important
consideration than in offline poker. The reason is because
of the common LOOSE-AGGRESSIVE style of play...

When you make a significant bet, your chances of getting
action are much higher than in your average home game or

That's why I like to limp-in with suited connectors...
because if I hit my flush or straight I'm CONFIDENT that I'm
going to win a huge pot from someone.

The key is to NOT "chase" your outs. Don't stay in a hand
and call all way down to the river with your draws... it's
not worth it. Bet the draw upfront, and if you get raised
just muck it.

As for your question regarding pairs...

It sounds to me like you're playing RING GAMES and not Sit
and Go's. When I play a low-stakes ring game, my strategy is
about the same as yours.

The biggest difference for me is that I hate getting up and
moving tables so frequently. I've found that when players
begin losing money to you, they often WON'T STOP. They'll
just keep losing money... DETERMINED to beat you.

And of course, that's when you get the WINDFALL of profits
from them... since they're on tilt and OUTRAGED that they
can't seem to break you.

What I'll do is show an occasional bluff... or even get
busted on a bluff... that way they remain confused about my
style of play.

Remember: No limit Texas Holdem is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. As
soon as you find a "fish" you can consistently beat, don't
leave! Just keep playing until THEY decide enough is enough.

OK, back to pairs. When I'm in a ring game, I will call
small raises with pocket pairs, in hopes of busting my

But in Sit and Go's I'm more cautious. And the reason is

In RING GAMES, I'll often play the "odds". Yes, there's a 1
in 8 chance that I'll make my trips. And so I'll play my
pairs and take down huge pots when I hit.

But in SIT And GO'S I can't always afford to put my chips
into the middle. Remember, there's only ONE MAIN STRATEGY
for Sit and Go's:


If you don't make it to the top three players in a 10-man
Sit and Go, you're not in the money, which means you've

And in your average Sit and Go, you'll probably only get a
pocket pair once or twice (or maybe a few times if you're
lucky) before the field gets down to three players.

So what I've found is that it's often better for me to
LIMP-IN with my pocket pair and hope for trips. If someone
makes a decent raise, I'll usually muck it unless I'm the
chip leader.

Thanks for your comments man... and keep up the good work.


Hi Roy...

I had been receiving e-tips from you after visiting your
website, but was reluctant to buy your book because I had
never heard of you. I bought some books by Sklansky and Ed
Miller... they gave me some good foundations, but Sklansky's
book is very complicated and rigid.

I decided to buy your book after reading of your offer
regarding Tournament Tactics as those are the games that I
play and was looking for some help in the Multi-table

I purchased your book tonight and am glad that I did, many
of the questions that had been dangling in my mind were
answered in your book, especially regarding pocket pairs and
playing the Group 1 hands, Ace and under hands and "Watching
the Gun".

Great insights!

There are so many areas that you touched on that helped
clarify situations for me, that had been troubling me and I
am anxiously ready to play in some tournaments tonight.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences and thoughts, it
was a great help to me. I look forward to reading your
Tournament Tactics book.

- T.R.
Louisville, Ky


Thanks for your feedback man, I appreciate it.

Good luck in those multi-table games...


First of all.....the tips that you send are very
informational, very helpful, and enjoyable to read. But
here's my question....assuming that you send these free tips
to probably a vast majority of players who currently hold an
account at any given online poker beneficial
is it to follow these tips provided that nearly 75-80% of
the people I am playing against on the computer have read
the same damn e-mail that I just read???

Help me understand that.

I mean, how can I gain an advantage if 7-8 out of the 10
players that I am against at a sit n go are trying to employ
the same betting styles as I am due to a "mass email" that
they also received in their do you play
against that?

- M.R.


Hahaha... Well, GOOD QUESTION!

The truth is, there are MILLIONS Of people who play online

I recently heard a statistic that for any given day, more
people in the United States play online poker than play

That's insane.

All I can say is that I WISH 70-80% of the players you face
were reading my emails... because if that were the case, I'd
be a very rich man.

My newsletters aren't "mass emails". They're only sent to
those people who subscribed at my website and gave me their
email addresses. A more likely statistic is that .0001% of
the players you're up against have read my newsletters...

...Which puts you at a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

But I'll tell you what... don't take my word for it.

Go out and implement my tactics and strategies in YOUR NEXT
poker game.

If they help you win more money, great. I've done my job.

If not, then just go to the very end of this email and click
the "unsubscribe" link... and you'll never hear from me
again. Ever.

Of course, your opponents will be glad you did!



Hi Roy - Thanks very much for your new guide "Tournament
Tactics". I put your tactics in to practice that very
evening, entering my first "Sit & Go". Guess what - I came

At my second Sit & Go tournament I also finished second.
Thank you so much. I really can't praise your books highly

Thanks again.

Also, a question for you.

In a Sit & Go tournament, having made it to the final 3, I
find I'm usually bullied over the blinds. Maybe I'm too
conservative with the hands I'm prepared to play. Can you
make any suggestions on how I might make it to first place?

Thanks very much.

- Lisa D.
Sandhurst, UK


Lisa, congratulations on your money finishes for YOUR VERY
FIRST Sit and Go's...

That's fantastic.

To answer your question about getting bullied:

The key for Sit and Go's is to PLAY FOR FIRST after you get
to the top three.

If you've used my strategies for MAKING it into the final
three, chances are your opponents will view you as a
relatively tight player...

You must immediately "shift" into super-aggressive mode.
Your goal should be to win the blinds as much as possible by

Don't let your opponents see a cheap flop. Make them pay for

If you get a pocket pair, two face cards, or an Ace, you can
pretty much assume you have the best hand. It won't always
be the case, of course, but with the blinds so high, you
must assume.

Don't patiently wait for good hands once you've made the


Come out of the gates like a RAGING BULL and make your
opponents PAY.

You'll steal some quick pots early, your opponents will go
on tilt, and then you'll get all-in action for your real

Try that out and keep up the good work.


Roy, just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your
letters for about 4 months, and bought your online book
about 6 weeks ago. I put all the principles into play, and
slowly began building my winnings with online 25/50 cent no
limit games. I actually started improving so fast that I
jumped up to the 2/4 games in a matter of weeks and made
enough to cover a trip out to Vegas while the wsop was going

I never made over to the Rio to watch because i was too busy
raking it in where we were staying at the Mirage. Since I've
been back, I've been having a hard time getting any of my
friends to actually invite me over (as the first time I did
I walked with EVERYONE's money).

That's it, just wanted to say thanks, keep up the good work,
and good luck to you too.

- S.


Yes... The side cash games in Vegas WERE pretty nice,
weren't they?

Glad to hear about your success. Keep it up.


Hi Roy

Many thanks for your book, one of the best buys I have ever
made, doing great in STT's and low limit NL/TH. (Will be
moving up soon)

But could you give some advice on tournament play, would
appreciate some advice.

I do ok, often hitting the money but have always managed to
fall short of winning a tournament:

- 2nd 8 times.

- 3rd 15 times

- placed about 60 times

Would like some advice on Starting hands early mid and late
play. Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

Many thanks in advance

By the way congratulations on that good finish in the WSOP
well done

- J.W.


You wrote that you need help on STARTING HANDS... but what
it sounds like to me is that you need to re-adjust your
FINAL TABLE strategies.

Getting second and third place so often means it would be a
good idea to go practice some heads-up and short-handed

Call up a buddy and play heads-up poker with him for five or
ten bucks a game... and play OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER

Try out different blinds structures, change tempos, and get
comfortable with heads-up action.

If you find yourself short-stacked every time you make it to
the money, try out different strategies for your

In a tournament, right before players make it to the money,
everyone TIGHTENS UP.

So here's what you should do:


Push the action and take control. Try to steal some pots and
get some momentum going... that way you have chips to play
with later.

Keep working at it. You're getting close.


Roy... you wrote:

"Like I said, you've got to risk ALL your chips.

Now if you go all-in and one of those players makes a CALL,
you'll win four out of five times.

So if you get five big hands a game, you only lose ONCE. Of
course, that one you lose USUALLY won't wipe you out,
because you'll have more chips from the OTHER big hands."

But whenever you go " All In " you are risking all your
chips at that point. in other words..if you win 4 All In
bets....and then lose that FIFTH All In bet, are you then
Busted.. No money??

even though, you won 4 out of 5

thanks for your insight

- J.B.


Let me clarify what I meant...

When you go all-in early in a tournament and WIN, you

And after winning a few of these "all-in" matches, you'll
have a nice-sized stack in front of you.

So let's say you started with 1,000 in chips...

Then doubled-up to 2,000...

Then took out a player who only had 500, which put you at

Then LOST to a player who had 1,000...

Now you're left with 1,500 in chips.

My advice is to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the loose-aggressive
nature of online poker and push your stack in when the odds
are way in your favor.

When that happens, you will STILL lose some matches due to
"unlucky" cards.

There's nothing you can do about that.

But the chances are you'll have a BIGGER STACK than your
opponents... and the occasional lost match won't break you.

Remember, if you want to win at poker, you need both the
high-level "big picture" strategies... AND the
detail-oriented "techniques" for specific pots and players.

You need a GAME PLAN... like how to shift gears for
different stages of the game, how to manage your chip stack,
and how to control your table image.

But you also need the DETAILS... stuff like how to calculate
the pot odds, how to spot a bluff, and how to set up a trap
play at the right time.

Think of it like a puzzle...

It's much harder to get started without the BOX to look at.

I'll write to you again soon.


Your Friend,

Roy Rounder


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Oct 13, 2006
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Gaaah, do we really NEED all these INSANE capitalisations... Is Roy a gospel PREACHER in real life or something?



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Oct 28, 2006
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that is common knowledge all


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May 16, 2006
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I gotta admit, that sort of capitalization style makes it seem like an infomercial. It's sort of annoying, but most of his advice is pretty good.


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Oct 13, 2006
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Yeah, the advice seems sound but I'm having to force myself to read it without mentally classing him as a raving lunatic lol...

Am I right in thinking this guy has written a poker book? Can you imagine the conversation in the publishers office when he dropped in his first draft...


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Oct 23, 2005
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Your Correct in your statement

Hey Guy's:

I have to agree with you all in saying that yes #1 easy on the capitalization, #2 he give's great advice, #3 meant for you to take what you need an discard the rest. I recieve these tip's weekly from Roy an some I post- some I keep, I hope y'all just keep applying his tip's to improve your game as I do. #4 I'm not just playing poker to be to playing- I'm trying to someday become an professional.

P.S. I try to learn something new every-day.



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Nov 30, 2006
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Thnx, I read some of your earlier posts, and I cant tell you that I'm winning way more then before, like just last night I joined a micro ring game with 2$ buy-in and came out with 8.6 $ in an hours time. I'm going to improve a little more and win more before i move up a notch 0.25/50..


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Jan 14, 2006
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Gaaah, do we really NEED all these INSANE capitalisations... Is Roy a gospel PREACHER in real life or something?




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Oct 13, 2006
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Noooooo, it burns, it burns. . . *sob*


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Aug 18, 2006
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If you guys don't like the way the article is written, don't read anymore future articles posted by shermstick while I continue to do so, then I'll take your money at the tables from all the knowledge these posts have to offer just because you too ignorant to realize the value of these posts.
I feel this strong about these posts as they have helped improve my game and if you would like a first hand demo of how these posts have helped my game, I'll be at the tables on pokerstars tomorrow evening..........bring your bankroll, you'll need it.