Shorthanded limit omaha high hand



Was playing limit omaha on inter poker and this hand came up. It was full ringside, but the game had been shorthanded for a while (6 players). The game was very aggresive but not "donk"-aggresive. I will appreciate your thoughts on my play.

Game #1817834404: Omaha FL ($0.25/$0.50) - 2006/03/27 - 15:24:48 (ET)
Table "Calliope" Seat 10 is the button.
Seat 3: Hickso001 ($57.93 in chips)DECENT PLAYER, BUUT TO PASSIVE
Seat 5: Crazyboi ($9.75 in chips) NO READS
Seat 7: Olski001 ($12.49 in chips) LOOSE PLAYER WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING
Seat 8: Nickj1312 ($12.94 in chips) LOOSE AGGRESIVE STYLE, BUT NOT A BAD PLAYER
Hickso001: posts small blind $0.15
Crazyboi: posts big blind $0.25
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Hero K K♣ 4♠ J♠
#1NEPTUNE: raises $0.50
Olski001: calls $0.50
Nickj1312: raises $0.75
Hero: raises $1
Hickso001: calls $0.85
Crazyboi: folds
#1NEPTUNE: calls $0.50
Olski001: calls $0.50
Nickj1312: calls $0.25
----- FLOP ----- 9♠ 8♠ 8
Hickso001: checks
#1NEPTUNE: checks
Olski001: checks
Nickj1312: bets $0.25
Hero: calls $0.25
Hickso001: calls $0.25
#1NEPTUNE: calls $0.25
Olski001: calls $0.25
----- TURN ----- [9s 8s 8d]A♠
Hickso001: checks
#1NEPTUNE: checks
Olski001: checks
Nickj1312: bets $0.50
Hero: calls $0.50
Hickso001: folds
#1NEPTUNE: folds
Olski001: calls $0.50
----- RIVER ----- [9s 8s 8d As]7♠
Olski001: checks
Nickj1312: checks
Hero: bets $0.50
Olski001: calls
Nickj1312: calls

I'll give my own analysis of every street and what I was thinking.

#1NEPTUNE (very aggresive) raises a lot preflop, so no there's no reason to think he has a great starting hand.
Olski001's call tell's me doesn't have a great starting hand
Nickj1312's 3-bet is a bit alarming, but there could be a number of hands he would choose to do this with in order to isolate #1NEPTUNE and Olski001. He could do this with any QQ, JJ or 3 broadwaycard hand because then he probably would have the best starting hand, so there's no reason to give Nickj1312 credit for AA. He also gains the advantage of earning the button if he can shut me out.
I figure that if I'm going to enter the pot it is weak to cold call a 3-bet. Besides my hand increases in value if I can shut out the blinds, so I decide to cap the preflop action. Folding KK in shorthanded play is also to tight IMO.

I have the overpair and a 4th nut flush draw, but I'm not to fond of it. The plan was to call 1 bet, and fold if a betting frenzie started. The pot is very big and it is possible I have the best hand. Besides I'm almost getting correct odds to draw to my full house, if I knew one of my opponents had an 8. The flush draw also adds a little value, but there's no guarantea it's good.

Now I've hit a 3rd nut flush with a paired board and plenty of opponents in the hand. So I'm going to call 1 bet cold because of the pot size, but if it gets raised behind me I'm probably out of the hand.

It's checcked to me! I wasn't expecting that, but the checks seemed to genuine. Nickj1312 didn't seem to have the same confidence in his hand he had on the other streets, so I get the weird idea to value bet my crappy hand. I figured trip 8's two pair with aces or the straight would probably call my bet, just because of thee size of the pot. And a boat would probably have bet out. Nickj1312's check stinks a lot like trip 8's that didn't improve. But still, I'm beginning to question this play. I think it may have been to try and push my edge a little to much, but what do you think?
The 4th spade on the river is also good since there's now less chance a higher flush is out there.

I know I broke some of the most fundamental "rules" of omaha and chased some weak draws, but doesn't the pot odds justify my play? I felt I had good reads on my opponents and I was ready to lay down the hand if the betting turned crazy, so this is also a factor that should be taken into consideration. Please tell what you think.


The raise pre-flop makes a certain amount of sense. The pot size does justify calling the single bet on the flop, because you're getting huge 20:1 odds, so you're getting the right odds for the Kings full draw, which probably would be the best hand. The flush draw isn't really something that you're wanting to draw to, since it wouldn't be that strong, but you're calling anyway because of the better draw you have available.

When the Ace hits, then you know you have a flush. The higher flush is a worry, but with the paired board I think the possibility of being against a full house is as much of a worry. I'd be inclined to check or call the turn and river unless there was a raise (when I'd fold) or I hit a King (at which point I'd push some more chips in), so apart from the raise on the river I'd agree with the play.

My thinking for the checking on the river is not that they've missed their hand, necessarily - they could easily have the nut flush, but be worried about a full house being slow-played against them, which would also explain the river check. That said, if you thought there was even a moderate chance they would fold, then it could be a +ve expectation bet, because you'd risk $0.50 to try to win the pot, and it may be possible to push the nut flush off their hand if they do think you've made your full house.


Rock Star
I've never played limit omaha high or at this level but I agree with you on your analysis of all the streets except the last one. I think the pot odds at this point for everyone were like 14 or 15 to 1. Anyone would be crazy not to call with any kind of hand for just 50 cents.


Undesirable Predator
I hate limit, woulda pushed the hand harder in PL; anyway... I would have played pretty much same way, bet on river was 50/50 (thot I smelled an A)... in PL woulda pushed the fl draw half pot; if I get callers I know where I stand (Im in trouble!). Thats the prob with limit, very often end up multiway with no idea where u stand in the hand...
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