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December 10, 2018
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Best US iPhone Online Poker Apps

Top iPhone Poker Sites Tested & Reviewed by Our Experts
iPhone Poker Sites

iPhone poker play is skyrocketing in popularity, so the best sites are able to offer you an experience that can match desktop US poker play toe-to-toe. Through the iPhone poker apps that we recommend, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Leading poker variants
  • Mobile exclusive bonuses
  • Social poker play

For December 2018, our top-rated iPhone poker site is Ignition Poker. But, it certainly doesn’t stand alone, so start playing great online poker at these recommended iPhone poker sites today.

How to Get Up and Running

iPhone Poker

You can now play mobile poker on the move with various apps designed specifically for your iOS device, whether it's the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. For the ultimate mobile gambling experience, there's nothing that beats hitting up the Texas Hold'em cash tables on the go or taking down a few pots on the train to work in the morning.

How do you get your hands – or swipe fingers – on a great US iPhone poker app in 2018? Just go to the USA App Store and hunt out your favorite poker site's dedicated app. From there, here’s how you can get started playing the top iPhone games:

Step 1 – Load up the App store and hunt out our specific recommended apps for iPhone

Step 2 – Download and install the app

Step 3 – Go through the poker site registration process, if you haven’t registered already

Step 4 – Make a deposit, claiming any available welcome bonus along the way

Step 5 – Take a seat at a table and start playing the cards!

The Power of the Perks

Modern iPhone devices offer larger screens that are ideal for fast games of poker on the move.

The iPhone is one of the greatest technological inventions of the 21st century, with Apple changing the face of entertainment and telecommunications. This has also helped overhaul poker as a game, making it more enjoyable and obviously much more accessible. Unloading a wealth of benefits, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the following perks when you take a seat at the tables with your iPhone:

  • Mobile-focused bonuses
  • Software designed specifically for mobile play
  • Wide range of games, including cash games and tournament play
  • Apps that can support hand monitoring

These benefits only really represent the tip of the iceberg, as US iPhone poker play has given the idea of playing poker on the go a whole new edge.

Choosing Between App or In-Browser Play


Modern iPhone devices offer larger screens that are ideal for fast games of poker on the move. But, what if your chosen site doesn't have a dedicated app with full, enriched graphics and every game imaginable?

Don't worry – many poker sites online still allow iPhone users to play games via your web browser at "instant-play" sites. Just follow our step-by-step walkthrough that gives you everything you need to do to turn your iPhone into a mobile poker-playing device that keeps you connected around the clock.

While it's true that these instant-play poker sites do not necessarily require downloads, you need to be aware that Safari still doesn't offer full Flash support. That means that these in-browser online rooms aren't necessarily the key to playing real money iPhone poker online. So then, what can you do?

The key is using an application called iTap. This lets you link your iPhone to your PC or Mac and then control it remotely through your iPhone. This means that you can run any application on your computer and then view and use it as if it were on your iPhone. It seems inconvenient, but the set-up is a breeze and, once you do it the first time, you can play on any online poker site (or casino) using your iPhone and desktop/laptop. You won't be tied down to just the first sites that start to offer iPhone poker.

While it isn’t a huge difference, players will find more games online than they will via an iPhone app. For this reason, it’s probably a case of those wanting a more in-depth experience looking to play online. However, the sheer mobility and accessibility of iPhone poker play can’t be ignored, making it perfect for any player that demands flexibility.

iPhone Poker Walkthrough for PC Users

Step 1

First, download and install your preferred online poker site software to your PC or Mac. If you already have a poker site's software, you can skip this step. Otherwise, check out one of our most highly recommended online poker sites for some ideas.

Step 2

Download the iTap Touchpad VNC Receiver from the app's website: itap-mobile.com

Step 3

Unzip the file (by double clicking it) if you received a .zip file. Otherwise, continue to step 4.

Step 4
iPhone iTap for PC

Double click on the .msi file to begin the installation and follow any instructions you receive.

The iTap receiver will appear in your start menu (as shown below). Click to open the program.

Step 5

Start the iTap mobile app on your iPhone.

Step 6

Select your device when it appears in the list on your PC's iTap receiver software and click "Pair."

iPhone iTap Pairing to PC

iPhone Poker Walkthrough for Mac Users

Step 1

Download your favorite online poker site software to your Mac. If you already have a poker site's software, you can skip this step. Otherwise, check out one of our most favorite Texas Hold'em online poker sites for some recommendations.

Step 2

Download the iTap Touchpad VNC Receiver from the app's website itap-mobile.com.

Step 3
iPhone iTap for Mac

Copy the .dmg file to your Applications folder.

Double click on the .dmg file to begin the installation and follow any instructions you receive.

The receiver software should now be running on your Mac.

Step 4

Start the iTap mobile app on your iPhone and look at your Mac.

Step 5

Select your device when it appears in the list on the iTap receiver software and click the "Pair" button to link your iPhone to your Mac.

iPhone iTap Pair with Mac
Step 6

If you're running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), go to System Preferences and select universal access. Select the options button from the zoom section and check the box for "Use scroll wheel with modifier keys to zoom" at the bottom of the page.

iPhone iTap Pair to Mac OS X

Taking Your iPhone to the Tables!

There are several interesting poker apps 2018 out there, and they're changing every day, but the most notable ones include free poker games, tournament timers that let you know when to increase the blinds (in live games), and simple applications that keep detailed notes of your poker play. There are also plenty of iPhone casinos available too, many of which offer poker as well as other casino games. Between these on-device apps and the iTap software, you can make your iPhone an integral part of your online poker experience.

Check out our poker site reviews for some ideas of where you can play and refer to our guide to get your iPhone poker-ready!


How do iPhone poker sites work?

Well, like any other poker platform really, as iPhone pokers sites do all that they can to match the true-to-life poker experience. With an iPhone device in hand, you’ll have a choice of either downloading an accessible app, or simply visiting the site through a mobile web browser. From there, when you take to the tables, you should expect it to mimic the usual poker experience.

Which iPhone poker apps pay real money?

For the most part, anything you can do on a desktop poker site you'll be able to do on your iPhone, especially if it's a dedicated app. This means that you are dealing with the majority instead of the minority when it comes to poker apps that payout real money.

Plus, if you’re any doubt, just stick by the apps we’ve recommended above, as they deliver guaranteed real money play that you can count on. After finding a real money poker app, if you have money in your account, regardless of if you deposited via your PC or iPhone, just log in and start playing for real money like you normally would.

Can I play for free?

There is a ton – and we really do mean a ton – of free, social media-driven poker apps out there. So, if you want free play in that sense, you won’t have trouble finding a place to start picking up hands. Finding free play with real money prizes is a bit of different story. You will be able to find iPhone poker apps that offer free roll games, but they won’t be as common a find as they are when you choose to play via desktop.

Are poker apps or websites better?

Many of the top online poker sites for iPhone will have their own apps, however, most will let you play right there in your phone's browser. Check out our reviews, or go to the site of your favorite online poker room, to see if they offer an app and/or in-browser smartphone play.

Usually. If an online poker site has its own app you will probably be encouraged to download and play on that (via a popup). Even if that's the case, you'll typically be able to play on their site through your iPhone's browser anyway.

How does mobile banking on poker sites work?

Whether you are playing on an online poker site through an app or just through Safari, your account with the site is going to be the same regardless of how you play. This means that if you make your deposit on your PC, the money in your account will still be there when you switch over to playing on your iPhone (assuming you are logged into the same account).

Is iPhone poker play safe and reliable?

Online casinos are becoming more and more regulated, which is a great thing for players like you. Online casinos and poker sites now have to meet stringent standards of quality from their local government. There are also testing agencies, like eCOGRA, that do regular audits and random number generator checks to ensure that play is being conducted fairly.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet?

If your intention is to play mobile poker for real money, the answer is usually yes, as you'd be unable to play against other live players otherwise. Many apps do offer free play functions, where you play without real cash, which may be available offline on your iPhone.

Which is the best poker app for iPhones?

That's completely subjective and always changing. While what everyone looks for in an online poker app is completely different, there a few that are head and shoulders above the competition. We've reviewed and compiled what we think are the best iPhone apps and sites for poker play, so feel free to check out our list of recommended iPhone poker apps above.

No. 1 Ranked Poker Site For U.S. Players
Ignition Poker
$2000 Bonus
Secure, fast deposit methods
Read Review
Best iPhone Online Poker Sites
Ignition Poker
$2000 Bonus
  • Huge bonus up to $2000
  • Secure & quick banking options
  • Same software as Bodog and Bovada
Secure, fast deposit methods
Games offered

Top us poker sites


Are you unsure of gambling on a particular poker site on your iPhone? Thanks to our expert review team, you avoid the risk of having a bad experience as we've gone through the best and worst for you.

After careful vetting, we suggest to stay clear of the following sites when wanting to play real money poker games on your iPhone.

2.98 150% upto $1500

We're getting reports of no withdrawal options being offered and we dread to think what will happen to any new players that sign up at Full Flush. Stay away and invest your cash in a recommended site.

2.13 200% upto $2000

In recent months there have been mounting rumours of extortionate withdrawal rake requirements and ridiculous withdrawal times (up to 5-6 months) at EuroClub. Stay safe and play elsewhere.

0.00 100% upto $1000

Lock Poker makes the top of our blacklist for not paying players over a long period of time, owing a suspected $15 million! Avoid this site at all costs, though it's rumoured to be now be closed.

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