New GGPoker Ambassador Dan Bilzerian Calls Critic a ‘Hoe,’ Twitter Explodes

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If the marketing team at GGPoker wanted to spark a reaction by signing Dan Bilzerian, they certainly got their wish. In fact, they may have already gotten more than they bargained for.

GGPoker Dan Bilzerian
GGPoker’s deal with Dan Bilzerian hasn’t gone down well with some members of the poker community. (Image: GGPoker)

Just 24 hours after the news broke, some members of the poker community have given their take on the partnership.

Given Bilzerian’s reputation for generating controversy and strong opinions, it’s hardly surprising that reactions to the announcement are split. One thing’s for certain though, the man himself hasn’t helped matters by calling one of his critics a “hoe” (sic).

GGPoker Signing Splits Opinion

Twitter user GreatGamer opened the discussion with a simple question: “thoughts?” Dr. Alexandra Chauran was the first to respond. The poker player, Twitch streamer, and “second-generation fortune teller,” commented on the lack of diversity in Team GGPoker.

“OMGz, it’s like they’re aggressively avoiding female representation in their ambassadorship,” she tweeted.

The issue, in her opinion, is compounded by Bilzerian’s Instagram antics and general reputation as a millionaire playboy. Julie Bonnett was quick to agree. Calling Bilzerian a “misogynist,” she believes GGPoker’s decision is “horrifying.”

Other tweets point toward Bilzerian’s previous stunts, such as throwing a woman off a roof (see video below), as reasons why his signing was a bad move by GGPoker.

Daniel Negreanu, often seen as a clean-cut ambassador for all that is good in poker, has been unable to avoid getting caught in the melee. Bilzerian, on the other hand, is sen differently. Despite being polar opposites, Negreanu was quick to welcome Bilzerian to the team.

“GGPoker making all the moves! When it comes to poker and mainstream reach, there isn’t a bigger influencer in the world. Welcome aboard Dan Bilzerian,” Negreanu tweeted.

That clearly didn’t sit well with some people.

Bilzerian Knows How to Generate Publicity

The reaction to GGPoker’s signing of Bilzerian wasn’t all bad. Some poker players were indifferent, while others understand that shock value can be a valid business play.

Perhaps the most vitriolic responses came from Vanessa Kade.

“The idea that this guy is being validated as the face of poker really sucks,” Kade tweeted. “When I tell someone I’m a poker player it’s not what I hope they envision and doesn’t make me proud to be a part of it.”

Kade’s Twitter tirade clearly irked Bilzerian, who replied in a way that GGPoker’s marketing team may not be happy with.

Bilzerian responds to his critics on Twitter. (Image: Twitter)

“Quiet hoe, nobody knows who you are,” Bilzerian snapped back.

One thing’s for sure, GGPoker has definitely generated some buzz with its latest move. Whether it’s the kind of reaction the marketing team wanted debatable. However, as they say in media circles, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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