Brian Koppelman Peels a Rounders 2 Hint Off the Deck

The annual round of Rounders 2 speculation was triggered last night by the cult movie’s co-writer, Brian Koppelman.


Rounders co-writer Brian Koppelman has given us another hint that he’d be interested in making a sequel to his hit poker movie. (Image: IMDB/Jeff Neumann)

Responding to a tweet asking where the character Worm is nowadays, Koppelman offered a sarcastic but potentially intriguing response. In summary, Koppelman explained to tweeter Peter Falco that the movie ended, and that was the end of Worm.

That’s fair enough, but it’s the parting shot that got people talking: “And so that was the end of the story of Worm. Until and unless …” Koppelman wrote.

Poker community reacts to Rounders 2 hint

Norman Chad was one of the first to respond, pitching his not-so-serious idea for a Razz-based sequel where the main character, Mike McDermott, moves to Macau to play short deck. While he’s away, Worm creates a stable of Razz players who dominate games from Atlantic City to LA.

The overwhelming majority of responses were calls for Koppelman and long-time writing partner David Levien to pull the trigger and actually write Rounders 2. The 1998 film starring Matt Damon, Ed Norton, and John Malkovich has become iconic within the poker community.

Not only do most agree that it’s the best depiction of poker on the big screen, it inspired a generation of players. That’s why any mention of a sequel, no matter how fleeting or sardonic, sparks a flurry of social media interest.

In fact, the subject of Rounders and a possible sequel are never far from the headlines. Almost every year there’s a new rumor, talking point, or glimmer of hope.

Ongoing support for Rounders sequel

We know from past experience that Matt Damon, who played Mike McDermott, would be interested in a sequel. Ed Norton has also said he could return to our screens as Lester “Worm” Murphy.

Outside of those who starred in the movie, Daniel Negreanu is just one of many professional poker players who want to see Rounders 2. Koppelman actually responded to Negreanu’s 2019 tweet (see below), saying that it’s never too late to reprise the movie.

The latest chatter is just that. Koppelman was clearly in a playful mood on Wednesday, based on his tweets, but they were enough to reignite the community’s interest in Rounders 2.

If it were to happen, would we see some new faces? Damon and Norton seem odds-on to return. Malkovich, on the other hand, is famously nonchalant about his acting career, so who knows.

In terms of cameos, Johnny Chan was in the original. A sequel could feature Negreanu, and we’d be surprised if Phil Hellmuth didn’t find his way into the mix.

Of course, it’s fun to speculate, but nothing has been confirmed. But, even if Rounders 2 is a long shot, we all know that one-outers can happen in poker.

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Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.

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