What is reasonable early in deep stack play?



Primarily, my question is: What percentage of one's stack is reasonable to put in the middle pre-flop early on during a deep stack tournament situation?

Of course, if it's a turbo, hyper-turbo, or you're starting with 20 bigs or less I understand. It just seems like there are players out there who will put in 3000 to win 60 chip either knowing that most people aren't going to risk their tournament life in the first few hands, or just not using good strategy.

This becomes more problematic if one actually has a hand and attempts to raise in a reasonable way, only to be met with what are mostly likely unreasonable shoves. Do you only come in with hands you are willing to put your stack up behind in those situations? Only bet the min and be prepared to fold?


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Hi, it all depends

If your in a deepstack, starting with 5000 chips and blinds is 15/30 then you
have 166 bb stack. Always make your strategy from how big/small your stack is.

Personally, i wont flip 166 bb stack with anything lesss than AA, KK, AK and QQ
early in a tournemet. Unless im up against a player that keep shoving, then i also
bring in JJ, TT,, 99, AQ, AJ like hands to take advantage of a loose player and hope
to beat the odds in a showdown :)

Always be ready to fold a hand you minbet or 3x preflop, if anyone come over the top,
theres no shame to fold if you dont feel like playing your hand in a reraised pot, or
you could try a reshove on top of the 3 bet (if you have a 25-50bb stack,
if larger stack 4bet instead) if its an unusual active player thats out of line.

And dont forgot to note the player, such agro donk type will most likely do random
stupid play later in the game or in another tournement you meet him/her.
Exploit it :D

Good day out there :p


Thank you for the reply! Definitely helpful. I especially appreciate the tip of taking note for later play, even if the always-shoving stops.