The tournament that a condition had good.



Sep 3, 2015
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Thank you for checking my thread.:)

It was pretty lucky.

I played tournament poker. I was able to have a right to participate.
I registered before sleeping and thought to decide what I would do after getting up.Because I was going to leave on account of the work early in the morning.
(AM3:00 lol)

When it was around 50 people, I imagined it.
I intended to leave without playing further number of people.
(I cannot win anyway...)
It is rainy for a while from the next day when work is not over, it is bad.

I had already understood that I needed time for work on that day, I thought from the day before when I wanted to leave it as soon as possible.

I wake up and checked on registration situation on PC.
(There were only two people in front of sleep. Including me. PM22:00)
「18?」"I play. I take care of the work two or three hours late."

I counted it from the bottom and always survived it in an early position.
I felt no use last time that it was no use this time.It was over at 10/13th.
(Reference thread→The thread which I raked last time).
※I link if I understand how to put on.
It is what it is just before and often misses.

I won・・・. And I started on work.(I left AM6:00 and I was back PM18:00. Made it in time.)Because the lobby of the tournament was not left, there is only a photograph on the way.

The last hand was prepared for it.
It is pushed with the difference of the chip even if I get off here and loses.
So the probability was not good, but I understood the hand of the villain at the time of flop, but was prepared for it.

#Game No : 804327320
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 804327320 *****
$700/$1,400 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Tournament #81427986 Free 10 Max (real money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 1: Ivan4eg88 ( $51,072 )
Seat 6: parakon ( $63,928 )
parakon posts ante [$175]
Ivan4eg88 posts ante [$175]
parakon posts small blind [$700]
Ivan4eg88 posts big blind [$1,400]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to parakon [ 8c, 9h ]
parakon raises [$2,100]
Ivan4eg88 raises [$5,862]
parakon calls [$4,462]
** Dealing flop ** [ 6h, Ac, 7d ]
Ivan4eg88 bets [$11,155]
parakon calls [$11,155]
** Dealing turn ** [ 8s ]
Ivan4eg88 bets [$32,480]
parakon calls [$32,480]
** Dealing river ** [ 5h ]
** Summary **
Ivan4eg88 shows [ Ad, Td ]
parakon shows [ 8c, 9h ]
parakon collected [ $102,144 ]

I defeated all villains by myself after I became five people.
(Would the mystery be switched on?)

AQ did a fold in a scene important more.(four people)
can not win AQ vs pocket pair.
AJ vs 99 vs(AQ)←fold.
Result Q appeared on river.
Because the last time flashed across a head・・・.

The re-buy of 5 dollars was too high and was not able to do it.
How long did I make me profitably?
(My bank roll was less than $ 1 then・・・)
I decided that I did not do deposit for a while.

It would be greatly appreciated for me getting $225.
(Having obtained a participation ticket ,is it the result that I did steadily every day?)I thought that perseverance and the information were important.

I wanted to be proud of a result and did not write it.
I wrote it to save it to prove my fact.
But I am glad when I have you praise
I am thankful when you teach what you know.

Thank you for reading.I am sorry in English that is poorness shit.
If you post,I read slowly.That lucky for you. :)


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Sep 3, 2015
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I got 2nd chance・・・ but

A straight victory does not become.
I was overcome by opponent raise and lost.
(chips) 58000 vs 131000.
I'm not good at heads-up.
I must read a starting hand more.
This time, I did one add-on. That was so close.

Thank you check it.:)


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