Should rules be more stringent and enforced in a public poker tournanament?



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Jan 18, 2012
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Good evening to you all.

On Sunday, September 29th I played in the public 'civil war' poker tournament which I have posted about before. The civil war tournament was a shootout format where if you won your table you made the final table. Depending on how many top finishes you got you would start with 10,000 chips which I did and you would get a re-entry which I had already. Towards the end of the shootout phase, that are made to get to the final table, there were six people left and blinds were 1500 with the big blind ante being 1000.

I was under the gun when I looked down and I had Ace-King. I had about 14,000 chips left in the side the pot showing, then early position folds. I think the cut off folded and the button folded and now was down to the small and big blinds. I was trying to be careful not give away any details - the small blind look at his hand, considering a call. Big Blind folded.

While this was going on the player that was at the cut off (I don't want to say it was on purpose) but had mentioned out loud 'you know you have a lot of chips you could afford to call'. And at the time I didn't want to say anything to the official because I'm all in (didn't want to give away anything whether information or what the strength of my hand, in my opinion). In my opinion, it was not appropriate for her (cut off) to say anything, especially while there's someone all in - let him make up his mind whether he wanted to call or not.

At the end the player in the small blind folded and the big blind I knew you was going to call. Because of the reaction to my old was he was not going to call off the remainder of his chips.

But what leads to a bigger question how far should things, with the table chatter, in pub poker league tournament setting, as far as enforcing poker rules.

Should rules (which are in place) be more enforced or less enforced or should this just simply be more of a social game?

Since this concerned me some, I'd like to comments on this topic.

Thank you have a nice and blessed evening goodbye.

PS- I didn't get a chance to play in the cardschat anniversary game on America's cardroom tournament but be that damn that I won my table in the shootout and made the final table finish there for $50 it was somewhat worth it. I just thought I'd die in the 'civil war' there. peace out.
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Feb 21, 2018
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I have seen players do this before and there have been a penalty given out if a player does it again after being warned. The only issue is the penalty was not really enough to deter the player. He just had to sit out an orbit. The question is what would be a fair penalty to give out to a player?


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Sep 27, 2020
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Officially, anyone not in the hand should make no comment. Or non-players off the green as we used to say. In a pub game setting, if this kind of thing bothers you, you're in the wrong place as it can get much worse than this as far as needling opponents goes.
Punishments: Hmmm, perhaps:-Missing an orbit first time, second 2 orbits, 3rd time, chip fine, 4th DQ?

I think because you were the one all in, it seems more significant to you. Poker players rarely let others around the table dictate their plays, it would be stupid to wouldn't it?! Why let an opponent who is out to beat you tell you which way to play? That said, many subtle things such as verbal comments, can and do sway plays. A bit of like for like to let the other player see how it feels could be educational, and make you feel like you've evened things up.


Jun 3, 2019
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This is an old post but still a very relevant topic. I think, this is a fairly serious violation, because in tournaments (maybe not this format though since it was winner takes all?), it directly benefits other players, if a jam is called by someone else, and a player then bust. So by encouraging other people to call, the player, who has already folded, would gain an unfair advantage, if he succeeded.

And even ignoring this poker is "one player per hand", and its obviously unfair to give advice to other players, who still have a decision to make. Like "this line is usually a bluff" or "I think he has it". This is a big no-no, so even in a friendly game setting it should at the bare minimum result in the player being warned and told to not do this again.

The same of course goes for sharing information about dead cards, especially if its a postflop situation. Like board is AA59 rainbow, and a player has moved all-in. His opponent goes into the tank, and then someone, who folded preflop, say "damn I would have made trips", to which another player, who also folded preflop, responds "so would I". Maybe this information is not true, but if the player considering his options believe it, then the only strong hands, he could be against, would be 99 or 55, and he could make a hero call with his KK or QQ.
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