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At a uni freeroll, I played for a while on a table of 6 people before I got knocked out ( :( ). It was an extremely tight table with lots of blind stealing going on, not many flops being show and few chips being passed about. Everyone started out with 900 chips. This was an hour in, with the blinds jumping every 30 minutes (5/10,10/20,20/40,30/60 etc)

==Play One==
Chip stack: 1400 out of a possible 5400
Blinds 20/40

K♠ 10♠, in the small blind, I raise x3BB pre-flop, making it 160. Everyone folds, but I get a call from the guy to my right (whose actually a friend of mine). Anyway, flop comes:

K♣ 10♣ 4♣

Hitting two pair but with a potential flush on the board, I bet 150. My opponent calls. Pot is now 620 + 40 from the folded big blind. Turn comes:


Four clubs on the board, I wasnt sure how to act. (any advice on what to do here would be appriciated). So I checked to my oppenent, thinking that if he bets hes probably hit the flush and that would be my cue to exit. He checks right behind me. River comes


Making the board: A♣ 10♣ 4♣ K♣ 4♦

Here I bet 300, but he raises all in (around 1600).
So with a four card flush on the table I layed my hand down. He turned over a 10♥ 6♥ much to my utter dismay.

==Play Two==
Chip stack: 730
Blinds 30/60

Q♥ 5♥ dealt to me.
Player to my right (the same guy as above), raised x2BB making it 180, I called, everyone else folded. Flop comes

2♥ 2♠ 5♣

The guy bets 60, I raise to 150 - he calls. River comes


Opponents checks, I bet 200 (I think I should have moved all in here, but I was worried he had a bigger pair). He then asks the dealer which is bigger, four of a kind or a full house, which suprised me as he is a pretty decent player (compared to everyone else at the tournament). He raises 200, trying to push me all in.
Now I think this is where I made my biggest mistake, with a full house I think I should have called, but I was worried that he had a bigger pair or even the other 2 left in the deck. I threw my hand away and he turned over his J♠ 5♦

==Play Three==
Chip stack: 200
Blinds 30/60

I get K♠ 4♥ in the Big Blind. I get one call from the big fish on my left (folding when he should be checking, playing with poor unsuited cards etc).
Flop comes:

K♦ 7♥ 5♥

With top pair, short stacked and with long shot straight and flush outs I move all in for 140. The guy on my left calls immediately and flips over A♦ A♠.

River and turn come
5♠ 10♣


Any advice on the plays above would be greatly appriciated. Im fairly new to the game (which should be evident from my plays above :p) so Id be grateful for any advice / ideas offered.

Personally I think I made big mistakes on play one by checking on the river, on play two I think I shouldnt have been playing with Q 6 suited anyway and I should have called the all-in, and on play three I think I just ran head first into trouble. The guy had not played a hand in a long time at that point, and I kind of thought to myself he must have something if he was willing to play. But I thought my kings would hold out, which they didnt.

Again, all opinions and advice are very much welcomed
Cheers :hello:



Well the first hand, I would have bet around pot size and by checking the turn he knew that you didn't have a club (or a very low one). That basically handed the pot to him.

I generally think your bets are too small. Larger bets put more pressure on the other player. One bet of 300 is better than 3 bets of 100.


I think you didn't play the first 2 hands strong enough....
Hand #1. you better represent the flush even if you only have 2 pair....you're opponent may only have a flush draw.
Hand #2. just to low of a reraise and you got suckered by his question to the dealer.


Hand 1: Don't raise with KT suited in the SB. I would bet the flop, bet the turn (1/2 pot) and if called, I would check the river and call a small bet.

Hand 2: Call the all-in, why would he have raised with a 2 preflop? O, and you would have split the pot in Hand 2 (You both had 55222).

Hand 3: O well, tough luck.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Play one:

- With limpers, raise more than 3BBs. Or preferably fold because you're out of position with a marginal hand.
- Your flop and turn bets are weak. Definitely bet more on the flop, 350 or so, then whether you bet strongly or check the turn is pretty read dependent. If I'm moderately short stacked all my money probably goes in on the turn though. You got bluffed because your bets screamed "I am weak", which any decent player would have picked up on.

Play two:

- Fold or reraise (resteal) preflop.
- After that obviously nonsense table talk and given the pot odds, it's not an easy call but one I'd probably make on the river unless I had specific reason to believe he'd minraise a pocket pair preflop.

Play three:

- With such a short stack I probably just push preflop here. Of course it doesn't change anything in this example, but it stops you having to make tricky decisions if you don't hit the flop nicely.


Play One:
I wouldn't have raised as much preflop with just K, 10 suited. I would have raised more after the flop. You should have raised more on the turn. Even if he did have a club, he would think you would have a higher one.

Play Two:
I agree with you that you should have went all in after the turn. If he caleed, it would have been a split pot but it's better than losing chips.

Play Three:
There wasn't much you could do here. Going all in with top pair and straight and flush draws was a good move. You had many outs but luck wasn't on your side. From what you've posted, it looks like this player didn't raise with AA. Overall, going all in was the only option in my book.


hand 1 and 2 imho i would have bet more agressively but in hand three you jus had bad luck....

anyone think this is a bad idea?

hand 1: after flop bet 300 after turn bet a decent amount maybe another 300 then i don't think it would have gone to the river....

hand 2: i just wouldn't have paid attention to him especially if i knew he was a decent player... a rookie would knoe that quads are higher then a boat

hand 3: i would have done the same thing as you