What the hell!?!?!



plays poker on hard mode
Reads: opponent is aggressive and dumb

Full Tilt Poker Game #1320990040: $15,000 Guarantee (8954768), Table 42 - 40/80 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:48:32 ET - 2006/11/28
Seat 1: cblfmaui (3,615)
Seat 2: marshallD (1,140)
Seat 3: MickyThePlayer (4,075)
Seat 4: combuboom (3,515)
Seat 5: CBritt_4 (6,205)
Seat 6: Dissipater (1,245)
Seat 7: 1loosegoose (780)
Seat 8: LittleTrips (2,530)
Seat 9: ghtry2 (2,535)
marshallD posts the small blind of 40
MickyThePlayer posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to combuboom [4s 4h]
combuboom calls 80 Wouldn't normally do this, but table was weirdly passive pre-flop, all limpers.
CBritt_4 folds
Dissipater folds
1loosegoose folds
LittleTrips folds
ghtry2 folds
cblfmaui calls 80
marshallD calls 40
MickyThePlayer checks See?
*** FLOP *** [Th 2d Tc]
marshallD checks
MickyThePlayer checks
combuboom bets 160
cblfmaui calls 160
marshallD folds
MickyThePlayer folds
*** TURN *** [Th 2d Tc] [5h]
combuboom checks
cblfmaui bets 640 Wasn't sure if I was ahead or not, but this made it pretty clear to me that I was. Guy was so bloody predictable.
combuboom has 15 seconds left to act
combuboom raises to 1,860
cblfmaui calls 1,220
*** RIVER *** [Th 2d Tc 5h] [5d]
combuboom checks Neat, counterfeited!
cblfmaui checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
combuboom shows [4s 4h] (two pair, Tens and Fives)
cblfmaui shows [Kc 4c] (two pair, Tens and Fives)
cblfmaui wins the pot (4,160) with two pair, Tens and Fives
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4,160 | Rake 0
Board: [Th 2d Tc 5h 5d]
Seat 1: cblfmaui (button) showed [Kc 4c] and won (4,160) with two pair, Tens and Fives
Seat 2: marshallD (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 3: MickyThePlayer (big blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 4: combuboom showed [4s 4h] and lost with two pair, Tens and Fives
Seat 5: CBritt_4 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: Dissipater didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: 1loosegoose didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: LittleTrips didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: ghtry2 didn't bet (folded)

:confused: I knew the guy was stupid, but what in the blazing ****?!?!?!?


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he called on the flop, and you did'ent consider a T.
he raised you on the turn, trying to steal representing the T. again you ignore it.
and the good old river, hung you.

now if you did not put him on a T, or over pair, why not just push allin ??
but you gave up the pot on the river when the 5 came and you only had a 4 kicker.
im surprized he dident bet there, and fold you to avoid showing.

with that said, all i can say is, DO NOT play small pairs when they miss the flop. you got nothing to win and everything to lose.
and besides, what are you doing playing 44 under the gun, even at a tight table, not to smart there eather. but when you do, you gotta get out when asap if you dont hit your trips.

you see players in big games play pots with nothing, and you see them win and out play others all the time. so i cant fault the other guy for a bad play, im shure he was giving up after you called his big raise on the turn.
i say the river beat you, and you beat yourself when you checked the river, not the other player. actualy you beat yourself when you played 44 utg.

sorry, but thats how i read this.


Well your nick name is pocket 2's. So well put that into account of what you just said.


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Well your nick name is pocket 2's. So well put that into account of what you just said.

lol, funny,
the truth is, i will play 22 preflop.
if im in position with no raises, and a few limpers, i might go allin preflop.
usualy with all limpers i just take the blinds, and bets that werre made,
other times i get called by AK,AQ......and they miss.
and ive also lost them to 2 pairs on the table to cancel me out.
OR i will also limp, but if i limp and dont hit my trips, im not gonna call a big bet or raise, im not gonna try and steal the pot after i get called on the turn, if the guy did have the T, he would of noted him as a calling station.
im shure others at that table note him as a calling station.

meaby im wrong, and meaby im not, so ill just wait and see what others have to say. if i can learn something from this, GREAT. :)


Just having a little fun with you bud. I will def play 22 preflop. If nothing hits thats a easy release, but theres nothing like seeing the 3rd duece on the flop.


plays poker on hard mode
Pocket Twos, I pretty much explained everything you addressed. I called with 44 because the table hadn't raised pre-flop in ages. Guys were showing down AQ that they weren't raising pre-flop. Table was ultra-passive preflop. If you think I would do this under normal conditions, no way, trust me.

I considered a T when he called the flop. That's why I said I wasn't sure I was ahead UNTIL his bet on the turn. Uh yeah, because that big bet on the turn really screams "trying to get value out of trip Ts". Not. The bet doesn't make sense with a 5 or better pair either, not to mention it was inconsistent with how he played actual hands. 9 times out of 10 I'm only going to call or raise if he's beat, and he gets no value when he's ahead. Like I said, I had a read on the guy and he was predictable and aggressive when he didn't have anything, played softer when he had a real hand.

Why push all-in on the turn? Barring the guy being a TOTAL lunatic (which this happened to be one of those 2% of cases), if he calls the raise, it means he would have called the all-in, because there's NO DRAW on the board. So if I misread the hand I'm actually dead. I might as well leave myself a way out. And pushing the river doesn't seem to make much sense either. If he called me with A high before, his A high just looks better now and I can no longer beat it since I got counterfeited. Since he somehow called the turn with K high, he likely would have called the river getting insanely good pot odds. But how the hell can I put him on K-high after he calls my raise? And if he's got a T or 5 or better pair he's obviously going to call.

Looking aside the freak circumstances that actually happened, what, realistically, is someone going to call that raise on the turn with, and then fold to a river 5 when given ridiculously good pot odds? I had him figured all the way, he hit a ~14% river, and beat me. It was bad luck. But why go ahead and knock myself out when I don't have to?
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