Weekend Results



So, I said I'd report as to how I did on the weekend at the $100,000 poker tourny (B&M).

I was out quite early, and mainly because of a very deceptive hand that I really didn't see. I'd love some feedback on this one:

100-150 blinds. I'm in big blind with ~4500 in chips and K6 off in poket.

5 Callers (plus me). Approx 900 in pot.

Flop : K86 (with 2 spades)

Small blind checks. I bet 500 (which is a little low, I know, I thought the pot was only 500 or so).

One caller. (I think he's on a flush draw)

Turn: red 4.

Now, I decide to bet 1000. He grabs his entire stack, then drops a 1000 chip off the bottom and calls. (That was odd I thought. He was thinking about going all in)

River: red 7.

Well. I figure I had him. The flush didn't come, and he really didn't bet like he had a set of 8's.

I bet 1000 of my approximate 2000 left.

He moves over the top allin.

Now I really didn't think about this one, I called immediately. First off I was pot committed, secondly I put him on a flush draw so I'm assuming he was trying to buy it.

Showdown: ME: KK668 - Two Pair (K6 in pocket)
HIM: 87654 - Straight (75 in pocket)

Now, I was in shock when he announced the straight. I completely missed it.

Thoughts appreciated.


yer straights are the easiest thing to miss

tbh a bigger bet on the flop would have probably won it

better luck next time


You got outdrawn and your opponent made a call he should not have. In the long run, he will lose his flop call more often then he wins the pot because he will not hit his straight. He didn't have pot odds to justify his call 500:1400 = not even 1:3. His odds of hitting the straight were about double that at 1:6. Bad call on his part, he just got lucky.


Right on. Great post chicubs. I know he made a bad call and got lucky. (He also had implied odds, which really did pay out, but let's ignore those for my sake :) )


yeah you were right in sayin you should have bet more than your original $500 but you also have to let us know what his stack was at??


Sorry for you heshack ,

you may take a little more time before to move all-in.

In a big hand i like to check what is on the table and try to figure out each possible hand. It won't work allways.

And which normal Player call with just a couple of outs. I will think on your position maybe the same and he want to steal my pot....

Bad luck


Sucks that he hit that weird straight on the turn, but to give him credit he did play it right from that point. He shouldn't have called the flop bet, but people will often chase a big drawing hand in hopes of winning a big stack of chips. Not to mention he could have pretended to hit a flush if the 3rd spade hit.


same here with 2 pair on the flop you shoud have bet way more then you did because he still needed to cards to win it and i dont now who would call such a big beat when you need runner runner cards.