I think I was right, what would you have done?



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Background, 450 person $22 tourney, avg chips was 30k. I was in small blind.

NL Texas Hold'em Trny:29280906 Level:11 Blinds-Antes(1000/2000-75) - Wednesday, September 27, 04:10:19 ET 2006
Table Regular(849183) Table #2 (real money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: seamar24 ( $28583 )
Seat 2: maz3939 ( $33261 )
Seat 4: OneMoreBust ( $33511 )
Seat 5: cfrpete ( $14176 )
Seat 9: tsplays ( $21006 )
Seat 10: jtmoney3 ( $54783 )
Seat 3: jcmoneybags ( $40250 )
Seat 6: freddygold1 ( $33591 )
Seat 7: harryfalls ( $39603 )
Seat 8: ttkkuu ( $56498 )
Trny:29280906 Level:11
seamar24 posts ante [75].
maz3939 posts ante [75].
jcmoneybags posts ante [75].
OneMoreBust posts ante [75].
cfrpete posts ante [75].
freddygold1 posts ante [75].
harryfalls posts ante [75].
ttkkuu posts ante [75].
tsplays posts ante [75].
jtmoney3 posts ante [75].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to OneMoreBust [ Qs Qh ]
freddygold1 folds.
harryfalls folds.
ttkkuu folds.
tsplays folds.
jtmoney3 folds.
seamar24 calls [2000].
maz3939 folds.
jcmoneybags is all-In [40175]
OneMoreBust: hrm
Your time bank will be activated in 5 secs. If you do not want it to be used, please act now.
OneMoreBust will be using his time bank for this hand.
OneMoreBust folds.
cfrpete folds.
seamar24 folds.
jcmoneybags does not show cards.
jcmoneybags wins 45925 chips

There were 42 people left I believe... and I ended up making it to 12th position before mybrainimploded.

I think in this case after putting hours into it, I made the right choice... he had one person raising behind him, and two people in front of him.... it is possible he had a lower pocket pair, but why risk running into AK etc.

Meh, im still not sure. In this case it worked out, but who knows what position I would be in if I had called and won.

Any input welcome.


OneMoreBust said:
I think in this case after putting hours into it, I made the right choice... he had one person raising behind him, and two people in front of him.... it is possible he had a lower pocket pair, but why risk running into AK etc.
I'm a little confused...who's the raiser? There was one limper before him--seamar24.

I think you should have called. This guys on the button. If he had a really good hand (AA, KK), he would want at least one of you in the pot, and not pushed. I think this is a steal attempt. Of course, this would be dependent on your reads of this player.

If you're not willing to put your money on the line in this situation with QQ, then no offense, but I think you're playing weak/tight. It would be different if he had been in an earlier position, then had a few more callers before you...then I'd say, don't take the chance.

Just my two cents though. I say you have to play this.


Tough decision here. The all in player obviously has a great hand. I can see him putting his tournament life on a marginal or drawing hand. EVen if he doesn't have you beat preflop, he at least has one (or maybe two) overcards. I put him on Pocket Kings here. This may be a conservative move, but you're not exactly shortstacked right now. I would have folded here.


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I agree with Bombjack, I'd put him on a middle pair, such as 9's to J's. People with KK or AA will raise usually and not go all in preflop. Not a whole lot of value going all in PF with those hands.

Any reads? Had this person made any moves like this before? Was he a blind stealer.

I'd go all in, my only real fear being the initial caller, I'd rather be heads up than in a 3 way pot. You've already made the money, nows the time to try and win it all.


Tough decision. It would be very dependant on the types of play being made at the table, and withir our PF pusher is overly aggressive. I think this is marginal, folding is fine, calling here is also fine. Personally i prefer to be the one pushing rather than calling.
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Dorkus Malorkus


Not sure if I'm missing any sarcasm or anything here, but how on earth can you 'put villain on' one specific hand here? It's impossible to do at the best of times, never mind here where all the info you have is he's pushed a big stack into the blinds and a late limper.


The standard villain's range is so large here this is a really easy call. Unless I've seen him play AA/KK in a similar way previously, I'd say they were far less likely than say any of JJ-88, AK-AJ, simply because such a huge bet at this point is rarely getting villain any value from AA/KK, unless of course anyone else has a monster but slightly inferior hand. You can widen the range even further if you've seen villain make big moves into limpers before, or even if he just seems generally LAGgy but either way you have his range absolutely crushed. I call without even having to think about it much, it's almost an autocall.


Even a maniac can catch a hand. Also, many newbies/dumb-bies will push a monster because they don't know any better or for fear of getting drawn out upon.

Good decision. This is just one hand of many. Live to play on and pick a better spot to rock & roll.


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Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate both sides of the argument..

I do play tight in tournaments, but I also play aggressive most of the time. In this case he took the aggressiveness away from me, and since my fate is decided by 7 cards not just 2, I don't like taking blind risks unless I know for certain I have highly favorable odds. Unless I am short stacked...

I put him on AK at the least.... in this case I have no desire to flip a coin over my tournament life... I play to win, not gamble.

I had another tournament yesterday where I raised with AK suited.... guy after me went all in, putting me all in to call.... I had a better read, played with this guy longer and I told him to take his Aces and my chips and call it good enough... I was right, and he had Aces... you cant always play as if you are beat, but you have to feel when someone is weak and feel when they are strong... his all in bet was WAY overkill in this instance, same as my example above, I think he was being cagey and trying to elicit a call by overplaying his hand and making it appear weak.

Anyway :) appreciate all the input