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Rising Star
Jun 3, 2018
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What Apps/sites does everyone use for tracking session results. Why do you use that App/site and what benefits does it have?


Think Bink
Apr 12, 2018
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What apps/sites does everyone use for tracking session results. Why do you use that app/site and what benefits does it have?

100% Poker bankroll Tracker

I use this app because it is by far the best app for tracking sessions available. Not only does it have odds calculators, Deal calculators, and payout calculators built in, it also has a feature where you can add poker friends, and they can follow your play live. and you can follow theirs.

It sends an alert to selected friends when you're playing a live session. They can watch your session over the app. You can add live reads while playing your session, mark problem hands while in the middle of a session, make player notes, and stats in the app while playing live and help find out where your leaks are.

It keeps track of the following

Keeps track of Total Buy in
How much you Cashed out
Your Net profit

Keeps track of the Duration of the game
Your ROI
$100 hands

Keeps track of all the different Game types so you can see which game you are more profitable in

For cash games it keeps track of your BB per hour
BB per 100 hands
Average buy in
Average profit

It keeps track of your most profitable locations, and most profitable game types, and most profitable limits

Keeps track of your graph trend

Keeps track of your variance calculations such as
BB/100 hands (EV)
BB/100 hands (SD)
Expected winnings in BB
Best Case
Worst case
Min. Bankroll for ROR<5%

Also, keeps multiple charts, and a staking section.

Last but not least it has a Hand replayer so that you can add hands for later review during live play or online play.