Most dumbfounding thing I've seen all day



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I'm "blankoblanco", but I quickly get un-involved with the hand. Check this out though.

Stage #431311539 Tourney ID 60863 Holdem Single Tournament No Limit $30 - 2006-06-24 21:55:59 (ET)
Table: 7831076 (real money) Seat #7 is the dealer
Seat 1 - WOODSTOCKGUY ($480 in chips)
Seat 3 - BLANKOBLANCO ($1390 in chips)
Seat 4 - HAWKINS34 ($3355 in chips)
Seat 6 - BIGBANDMAN ($395 in chips)
Seat 7 - POKERGEIST01 ($5090 in chips)
Seat 8 - KAISERSCORNE ($1340 in chips)
Seat 9 - DIRTBAG2277 ($1450 in chips)
KAISERSCORNE - Posts small blind $15
DIRTBAG2277 - Posts big blind $30
Dealt to BLANKOBLANCO [8s 8d]
HAWKINS34 - Calls $30
POKERGEIST01 - Calls $30
DIRTBAG2277 - Checks
*** FLOP *** [Jd 6c 7h]
DIRTBAG2277 - Folds
HAWKINS34 - Calls $60
POKERGEIST01 - Calls $60
*** TURN *** [Jd 6c 7h] [3d]
HAWKINS34 - Calls $60
POKERGEIST01 - Calls $60
*** RIVER *** [Jd 6c 7h 3d] [6d]
HAWKINS34 - Folds
POKERGEIST01 - Raises $300 to $300
*** SHOW DOWN ***
POKERGEIST01 - Shows [Qh 6h] (Three of a kind, sixes)
KAISERSCORNE - Shows [6s Js] (Full house, sixes full of jacks)
KAISERSCORNE Collects $1200 from main pot

Did you figure out the dumbfounding part?


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combuboom said:
Did you figure out the dumbfounding part?
Kaiserscorne not reraising on the river when there's one solitary hand - JJ - that will have him beat? I see this all the time, players winning the absolute minimum when they blunder into a good hand, rather than take a negligible amount of risk to win more chips.


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That's exactly it. It's totally bizarre, to me. Poker is a game of risks. No matter how good the odds are in your favor, unless you're holding the nuts, and that means the nuts after every card is dealt, you're taking a risk. If you get this great of a shot at chips in a tournament, with such incredibly low risk, how can you not take it and consider yourself a poker player?

Pokergeist didn't even raise pre-flop! The chance he holds JJ based on that, simple odds, and the betting alone has got to be something like 0.001%.

If he re-raises any amount, it's almost certainly going to lead to Pokergeist putting him all-in. 99 out of 100 decent poker players double up here, easily. The dealer practically set him up and he couldn't take advantage. Crazy.


Dont forget that 77 will have him beat too. It all depends as well on how this player is looked at. Is he a player that will slow roll a big hand or play it aggressivly? Has he played a hand recently? What type of cards have you seen him play? I would have to say that unless you have the nuts or have a very strong read on your opponent you shouldnt risk all your chips against the chipleader in a SNG tourny. With 9 players left and the blinds very low I think that calling was the right play so that if you lose the hand you can still have chips to recover with. This is just my thoughts on the play. Agree or Disagree?


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True, I disregarded the 77. However, I still disagree. You don't see people not raise their sets out of fear of the higher sets. 2 3 K 8 rainbow is on the board and you've got 33, are you worried about KK and 88? Probably not, you're probably trying to make as many chips as you can. If it happens that someone has one of those hands, so be it. I see a difference between being careful and playing scared.

Note there are 7 players left not 9, and as you said this is a 1-table SnG. 1000 chips is a pretty big deal here. With that monster of a hand you're going to win a 1200 pot, an actual profit of only 600 instead of going for a double-up for fear of those 2 hands? And really 77 is the only conceivable fear since JJ was practically ruled out due to no pre-flop raise.

Plus, who would mini-raise that kind of monster of a hand on the river and even give the other player a chance to just call it? Online, I've almost never seen a player do that. The whole scenario is just way too unlikely, in my eyes.

If you get knocked out you get knocked out. Good luck finding better odds to make 1000 more chips in a 1-table SnG than that. I mean, geez, you can't have the nuts every time.