Going to Wendover



Okay - here's the situation. I play NL in a league. Well a buddy and mine want to go to Wendover, NV tomorrow (Thurs). I don't even know if we can find a game...

But assuming we do - I'm apprehensive to say the least. I play in a tourney setting in the league we are in so buy in and then play. Never played a cash game live before and just a little online.

The problem - I only have about 100-150 I can take with me, which I know is not a lot. Okay - so say I know a little about what I'm doing and I'm not a complete donk - is 100-150 enough to even SIT down at the 1/2 NL or the 2/4 Limits?

I think I can make some money but I have enough to take in the downswings. I've seen the charts that say you need to have about 300 the BB and such - well, I'm not talking about a huge BR that I am trying to build - just talking about a day trip w/ what I can afford. If I lose it all, so be it...but like I said, I wouldn't say I am terrible, but I want to be able to play TAG and have enough to stand some cold cards and bad beats w/out having to walk away early.

So bottom line - is the 100-150 even enough to consider sitting down with? If so, what would be the max (1/2 - 2/4 - 3/6)?

Thanks - any other advice for a newbie at a casino? I've played in plenty of casinos down on the Gulf Coast, but just slots and house games (blackjack, 3 Card, Let it Ride).


Well, not much traffic on this post - but that's okay. I was able to read up enough to find what I wanted to know.

Trip Report - it SUCKED. Of course, I knew the time of day we were going (late morn/early afternoon) wasn't going to give way to a lot of variety in the poker rooms. But we did find one game going and me and my bud sat down.

It was 1-5 Limit...only one blind for $1 and you could bet anything from $1-5, and it was bet, raise, raise, cap. Well, since we are so accustomed to no-limit, it was a brand new game for us.

A couple of hands I remember - I had A7o in MP and the board flopped an A7 for me. With top 2 pair, I opened at $5 and was called by two. Figured I was looking at a couple of Aces at the table. That at least told me there probably wasn't trips. Next card was a 4 so I led out again and had one caller (the other folded). Then the river brought a Q. Again, I led out and was called - villian turned over AQ and took the pot.

Later again had 2 pair and villian caught a flush on the river. Again - he called each of my street bets. My buddy and I both dropped some green on the table before walking away and we both said the same thing - couldn't chase anyone away.

He had junk and was making a bluff, but I thought he played it right. Bet preflop, bet on flop, bet on turn, and bet on river. Each bet was max and was called. Villian turned J high and beat his bluff. He called all the way to the river w/ J high.

Lot of chasing. Pretty much if you didn't a flush draw or a straight draw on the flop, better get out of the way.

Then we proceeded to go up and down at blackjack before finally getting all the way down and called it a day.

I think I'll stick w/ no-limit or at least pot limit.


RIP Logic And Sanity
... and we both said the same thing - couldn't chase anyone away.

.... He called all the way to the river w/ J high.

Lot of chasing. Pretty much if you didn't a flush draw or a straight draw on the flop, better get out of the way.

Nature of the beast...that's why some PLAY limit...they'd get killed in NL

with 4 card flush on the flop, you'll hit your draw 35% of the time...
(9 outs times 4 ~36%.... )
if the pot 4 times the size of the max bet, calling in three occasions, you'd expect to win one and lose two.... for a net gain over three hands

I have NEVER managed to bluff in limit... A.K.A "Texas No-Foldem"
The good part is when you flop a monster...you bet, they call...you bet more...they call more...and if you're lucky some donk with a pair of ducks will raise on the river and let you bet even more


i have plenty of experience playing in wendover NV. i spent 6 weeks there in mid 2005. i have over $234 in unused comps for when i go back too. even the BJ games are beatable there. u must of played at the NUGGET, there the game is 1 $1 blind only. and i loved it there for that very reason, for when i came there i only had a $600 bankroll and from past experience with $1-5 stud before it died out in vegas, i knew that was plenty for $1-5 with only $1 blind instead of most casinos with $1 and $2 blinds.

with the little $150 bankroll u had, id definitely recommend $1-5 limit instead of NL otherwise u could go broke the first hand. in fact wendovers a great place when broke. the montego bay u can get rooms as low as $29.95 during the week. just dont go on a weekend.

also u can sometimes get room comps for playing poker, the rainbow and montego bay both have good poker games too only there the blinds are more than $1. they only had NL on the weekeneds, but i did play a lot with NL overs buttons. overs means if a few take it the NL only comes into play when only the overs buttons are left in the pot. during the week when i played NL it was in the $1-5 2-10 in the montego bay with an overs button.

but yeah during the 6 weeks i ran the $600 up to $5000 plus. id recommend wendover for anyone whose as great a player as me.


Well, I am at Hill AFB and we are going back to Wendover around the 1st of March. If we get to play (the mgmt may impose a no drinking/gambling rule - BLAH) then I hope to try some tourneys.

2 things - you say you love the Limit. Maybe I need to learn how to play limit but I just don't see how it can be profitable vs people who chase everything. At least at the low stakes. I can see if you ONLY play the nuts or maybe stick w/ only Straights and better (no pair/2 pair). It seems to me if you ONLY play these hands, you can play for a long time w/out betting.

The next thing you said the Blackjack at the Nugget can be beaten. It seems to me that blackjack is blackjack anywhere. We went to 3 casinos there and they were all single decks. I won 70 at one and lost 70 at another on $5 blackjack. Got more careless at the second casino.

Anyway - looking for strategy or tips. Thanks - need help w/ low stakes limit.