Return to the occasional 4-6 hr sessions



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Sep 2, 2013
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So I have been taking time off from poker for a few years now and have grown as a person in maturity as well as many other areas. Watched rounders over thanksgiving and got the bug to start again and hopefully at least make a little money to keep this time.

Obvious to me that bankroll management used to be my biggest weakness(as is very common and can be witnessed at Teddy KGB's in the beginning of rounders:mad::mad::mad:) and sitting at tables my bankroll could'nt handle got me way too often both live and online. So I am going to dabble with some ACR free roll tourneys for a few nights to remember what the beats are like:rolleyes::rolleyes: got my first one tonight:aetsch::aetsch: and definitely realized the frustration I used to get will not be a thing of the future in my poker game:cool::cool:. Hoping my self control will be where it needs to be at this point in my life to make a decent run at some extra cash and build a bankroll.

If anyone has experienced this and their return was successful, I would enjoy a conversation about how you think that success came about for you.


Oct 13, 2017
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Rounders is nice movie.
I was inspired by a poker commercial when I started playing and after that I never stopped, so this return to success hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm just starting with my poker journey so far.
no need to get frustrated with freerolls, you can create a bankroll for free