Multi-tabling different game types?

When multi tabling, what do YOU do?

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Oct 21, 2021
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I'm looking for tips on mixing games when multi tabling. I've been playing off and on since the early 2000s but only profiting consistently for about 2 years. The craziest part is that I've never given much thought to how I mix games...or should I be mixing at all?!
"Just look at your hand histories and time of day and profits...." blah blah, read on and please help

Obviously everyone is different, and I could list random factors for J10s plays one way at a new cash table, and another way in the late stages of a SnG...and maybe another way on the bubble of an MTT. So what if you're playing these games at the same time? The following is an example of a game combo from last night...and combos like this, work for me- as in I do this all the time and profit, but could be making more.....

I use ignition and BOL. Yea I know, whatever.

1) -$15 MTT turbo. 88,000 starting chips. 8 minutes blinds. 300-400 people
- $200 Zoom/Zone poker
- $25 Triple-up SnG (9 players, last 3 triple buy-in)

**SnG's are my strength so I usually do one with no other games to get warmed up. In this instance, I knocked out two people before blinds reach 25/50... But because I'll become over aggressive with only one table and too many chips for a little while, I opened up a zoom/zone poker table that I can easily extinguish if the SnG gets weird. THEN, I was looking ahead at MTTs and one was at the perfect stage for jumping in and jumbling ABC poker players and fishies.

ANYWAY. Should I be playing all cash or all tourney/SnG? You're probably gonna say something about mood/enviorment/ skill level. But is there some unwritten rule about playing all cash or SnG so you only have to think one way? I get antsy and during longer grinding sessions, doing 4 cash or 4 SnGs, lets say, for 6-8 hours seems a bit tedious

BUT my question is whether or not mixing is known to be simply less efficient for hourly profit (I have a reg. job so my playing time is limited to 2 full days and 2 evenings/nights)



Aug 7, 2020
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In game mixing, the most important thing is to have a plan for the game in different stages and types of games. Also, this plan must be constantly before your eyes. This plan should contain all possible scenarios for the outcome of the game. After that, you should analyze your session to see how much you are sticking to the plan. The closer to the plan you act, the more comfortable you feel during the game.


Jun 3, 2019
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I think, its best of specialise in either cash games or tournaments, because they are fairly different formats. So not only would I not recommend mixing up these formats in the same session, I would also avoid jumping back and forth to much in general. Of course you can mix in a session of the other format now and then, and you can change, if you get tired, but dont move back and forth all the time, since you will probably end up as "a jack of all trades but a master of none".

Buyond that specialisation can still be beneficial, but it can also limit game selection to much and make playing to monotone. So its a trade-off. But just to give an example, yesterday I was playing some KO SnGs, and in one of them I was facing a jam from a player, who had lost most of his chips and only had 5BB left. I was closing action in BB and looked down at junk, which I folded, because I failed to remember, that this was a KO SnG, wher calling any two would have been significantly +EV due to his bounty. If I only ever played KO SnGs, this kind of mistake would be way less likely to happen, and that is the benefit of specialisation.
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