Cash online games worth it anymore where online poker isn't legalized?



Jun 17, 2010
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Honest question:

Does anyone here playing on unregulated sites in primarily cash games ( FR, 6max, HU) actually make money or win more than a few buy ins over 100K+ hand samples?

Not to mention the games are tougher than ever, rake is higher than ever, rakeback is lower than ever...and most rec players dont want to or even know to find these sites to play on and jump through hoops and fees to play anymore...

So anyone here playing on unregulated sites like ACR, Bovada, ignition, WPN in states/countries without regulated legalized online poker and actually making money?

I still think online MTTs are worth it but seems like online cash games even at 25NL are tougher than 1/2 live even more on sites where rec players can't easily deposit and know their money is safe.

I'm in a state where online poker was approved, licenses granted, and likely launching this year so trying to decide if it's worth it to even bother trying to grind on unregulated sites or just wait a few months. And have least 3 brick and mortar poker rooms within an hour or less drive.
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