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May 28, 2008
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I have been playing poker for a few months now and I am some where around an intermediate player. Now I'm studying poker in sections and the part of poker I'm learning about now is using players stats to my advantage. I want to know how you professionals or any stat users crush games using stats. Now don’t get me wrong I know that poker has a lot of variables for every decision and that there is no guide book to wining at poker or becoming a winner. But all of you have probably found out by now that there is no way you can learn all parts of poker at one time (Math, psychology, deception, strategy......) It's impossible there is just to many things to take into consideration. So I am attacking what i think is a big part of poker, player stats.

So even if you have a strategy that in some parts of play, pot odds says that this move is wrong and over time will drain your bankroll, I don’t care, I want to dominate using stats and then study the math part of poker and adjust my play accordingly. I believe this is the best way to becoming a professional. Become extremely good at each section of poker and then adjust my play for the stuff that over laps and choose the play with the highest expectation. I currently play at Limit Texas Holdem micro stakes and will be moving to low limit shortly and then grinding multi tables from there. My Strategy is Tight Aggressive. So what do you guys look for or what are you thinking when looking at a players stats in a game? Also what stats do you combine to come to your conclusion on what you will do? Again I am not talking about all the different variables only stat play, please don’t get off track and take math into the question. These are the stats that i use most often and seem to be most important:

VP$IP - Voluntarilly put money in pot. Primary preflop looseness stat.
PF-Raise - PreFlop Raise. Primary preflop aggressiveness stat.
PF-ColdCall - Call preflop raise. Describes looseness for calling preflop raises from position.
(FL-See) Aggr - Combined postflop aggressiveness from flop, turn, and river.
(FL-See) SD-See - % flops went to showdown (postflop looseness indicator).
(PF-Raise) W$SD - Win showdown % when he raises preflop.

FL-Aggr - General aggressiveness on the flop.
(PF-Raise) FL-Bet - Continuation bet % after preflop raising.
(FL-Bet) W$SD - Win showdown % when he bets on the flop.
(FL-Raise) W$SD - Win showdown % when he raises on the flop.

TU-Aggr - General aggressiveness on the turn.
(TU-Bet) W$SD - Win showdown % when he bets on the turn.
(TU-Raise) W$SD - Win showdown % when he raises on the turn.

RI-Aggr - General aggressiveness on the river.
(RI-Bet) W$SD - Win showdown % when he bets on the river.
(RI-Raise) W$SD - Win showdown % when he raises on the river.
W$SD - Overall combined win at showdown. Describes if winner/loser.

I know that this is a lot of stats and this is a pretty big poker question, but please do your best to answer accordingly.

I put what each stat mint for the people who don’t use poker software that records peoples stats, but do watch people and put labels on them and know how to play hands when given a players stats. Also just to show that I’m not looking for what different stats mean. Oh no, I’m looking for precise strategy on how to play based on a players stats,

now again I relies that there is a lot more to playing correct poker then just knowing how to play people based on their stats; but for the parts of poker where knowing stat strategy can lead you in the right direction is what I am interested in. So for you people out there that know how to use stats and attack people based on their tendency, please post and help a poker player in need. Even if you don’t play limit poker, some stats work for all styles, and if you have any good advice then please don’t wait a second longer to put your wisdom on this post. Any advice would be vary appreciated. THAX
F Paulsson

F Paulsson

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Aug 24, 2005
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When playing limit hold 'em, the stats I used the most was:

Total (postflop) AF,
WTSD (which I don't see you listing at all - this one's important),
Fold SB vs. steal
Fold BB vs. steal

You should probably focus a lot more on position and steal situations.


May 25, 2007
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You should probably focus a lot more on position and steal situations.


blind stealing increase yor winrate immensly as in limit you dont win massive 100bb pots with your big hands.


Feb 17, 2008
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It looks like you've put a lot of thought into this, but I'm also going to have to agree that player stats are far less important than poker basics: Bet size, pot odds, position, and starting hand selection.

If all you're doing is stealing blinds, then you can cover your cards and go solely on stats. But, after the flop, you're really going to need to know some basics to win.