Poker Positions Explained for Beginnings



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Apr 10, 2023
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Place 1: Big Blind (BB) - This is the player who places the highest ante, also known as the Big Blind. The Big Blind is the last to act pre-flop but one of the first to act post-flop. Everything is built around the Big Blind.

Place 2: Small Blind (SB) - The Small Blind is directly to the right of the Big Blind. That never changes. The Small Blind is a forced (ante) bet that is 50% of the Big Blind. For example, if the Big Blind is $2, the Small Blind is $1. The Small Blind makes the penultimate pre-flop move but will act first post-flop.

Seat 3: The Button (BTN) - The button is considered to be the best position in a poker game. It is located directly to the right of the small blind. He is the second-to-last to act pre-flop. However, the button acts last after the flop. This makes it more powerful because you can close the action - everyone has to act before you, which means you get more information.

Seat 4: The Cutoff (CO) - Located to the right of the button, three before the Big Blind. Although it's not as powerful as the button. It's so called because it's one of the last points where you're considered to be in a strong position at the poker table.

Seat 5: The Hijack (HJ) - This is a great spot to try and steal the cut and button that are to the left of this seat. It can be a strong position in poker because you can act before and after the flop.

Seat 6: The Lojack (LJ) - The lojack position in poker is directly to the right of the hijack. However, since it is one of the middle seats at the table, it's not super powerful. So, you need a strong hand to make moves from here.

Seat 7: Starting Position (EP) - Starting position in poker is a no-man's land - you don't want to play weak hands because you're always one of the first people to act. At a table with nine players, seat 7 will be the third to act. It is located three dots to the left of the Big Blind.

Place 8: UTG+1 - This is another starting position where poker players will find themselves at the table. It's not as weak as the UTG, but it's pretty close. You're two to the left of the Big Blind, a long way from the button, and you'll be the second to act pre-flop.

Place 9: UTG - Being in the Under the Gun position (just to the left of the Big Blind) is the most difficult situation, especially pre-flop, because you act first. If either of the blinds remains active in the hand, the UTG does not act first post-flop. If the blinds fold, that player acts first after the flop. Everyone can react to your movements, which in turn means that you're operating with less information. So you should only play strong hands here.