I've been playing on and off for a few years and recently got back into it.
I think I pretty much understand the fundamentals(wouldn't say I've mastered them, after all, bet sizing lol)

But I've been doing pretty great in freerolls lately so I'm not terrible.

But anyways onto the topic,

What would you say the fundamentals are? I just don't want to miss anything and have gaps.

But I would say

Position, Bet sizing, starting hand ranges, little bit about odds, and player types.

What else would you say is part of the fundamentals that I may be missing?


Rock Star
Study ICM for sure, memorize unexsploitable opening ranges with a focus on when to call and 3Bet against an open based on postion....

Once you have that down, and know how to adjust based off player type. Then you can move on to exsploitive play/GTO in your post flop game.