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Dec 3, 2005
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Hi, im new, kind of.

iv been playing poker for 5 years on and off.

i play well, i usualy build up into the $100 from $30 and have got above $500 a good few times and can win any kinda game u sit me at over time my cards are better.
Its just im rubbish at cashing out (ie- i always forget that part)

yesterday i droped a lot (i was into my 3rd week after a 6month break)
& i droped a couple of hundred after building well for 2 weeks
then i deposited and dropped another 200 of my own cash.
and at the time i felt like no matter what i did the wrong thing would happen, like the system had picked up on something about me and didnt want me to win.

i know this is irrational.


today i asked to get my account blocked. so i couldnt loose my own money> coz up till yesterday i was proud id not been down in 5 years and took my chances as the big 10k tourneys when i could (still waiting)

all normal u might think
ME TOO> iv no probs with bad cards even if it "feels weird"

Just now i got a e-mail from this website saying u havnt been on-line here for ages (well about 3 years actually) & iv NEVER had that mail before.
and it just happened to be the day when i asked for my poker account to be blocked>?

i mean we all play poker> we think about the odds of things happening all the time.
out of 1000 days id had no e-mail from this site,
and out of 2500days id never asked for any poker account to be closed.

u can see where im coming from yea?
coz those games felt odd.
I had the best hands over and over and calculate if they hit my $400 loss would have been over $2000

i was playing way better, taking all the games, even if i had the worst cards.
then all off a sudden it was impossibe to finish any1 off.

if i got them all in with 100chips left, fine. id hold up, but all i couldnt hit.
there was one game i got a guy down to 50chips and he doubled up every time regardless of the cards and turned me over. and i didnt tilt it> i stayed solid> it took over 1/2 to finish the game fromt hat point.

it all felt wrong.

i wonder

i just wonder.

thats all im saying


Oct 19, 2006
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sometimes it just goes like that. maybe you should take a break from poker for a bit
Egon Towst

Egon Towst

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Jun 26, 2006
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Not sure if I understood all of that properly, Topp, but if I follow you correctly this sounds like a version of the "doom button" conspiracy - the belief that a poker site somehow singles out a particular player to lose.

It`s a tempting idea. We have all experienced periods when our luck seemed unbelievably bad and, oddly, this can often follow a period of success and a cash-out. Almost as if the poker room is balancing things.

I think it`s much more reasonable to believe that there are swings in poker and, obviously, after an upswing you can expect to see a downswing.

In any case, why would the poker room care. It doesn`t matter to them who wins. It`s not their money. They still get their rake regardless.


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Dec 4, 2005
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Nice reply egon. Does that mean someone has pressed the "Doom Button" on me lol. Would explain a lot it would....

MackemMan :D


Dec 3, 2005
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yeh i agree with everything what u say>

except the expecting swings> probability is fundamentaly individual. It can be understood through analising averages and swings etc. but each event is singular. Swings only exist in the imagination.

& it does seem to ALWAYS be after i reverse my cash outs u know thinking about it
coz i do get up to hundreds quite often and easily from $30 (i didnt free role thing a few years back and learned how to solid build) but it always seems afteri cash say $250, and loose my next $30 i repeatedley take numerous $30 losses like i wouldnt > simpley becuase of "swings" or i reverse it and just dont hit a hand,

yet i agree with everything u say

iv had a 2 weeks swing where i didnt hit anything so i know it can happen

and im not playin any more becuase i asked them to close my account

it just seemed odd i got this e-mail today from here
cozi was on here years ago (on anohter name) and then got this name (banned for disrepute regarding prima spaming the serch engin with clones)

but yeh > it was like it was saying come and tell some1 what happened
so i did

and u just said what id say to me & say to other people

so u knopw

maybe some1 important is listening after all.
maybe they should e-mail me
i dunno

good nigght
see u in the autumn maybe for my next attempt at a thousand from 30
(u know they wont let me have it ;) )


night s