this could really suck if passed...



Here we go again. As online poker players we need to make sure we do our part to see that this bill doesn't pass. And if you think it can't happen, guess again, it definatly can.

February 17, 2006
Lawmakers Bet on New Online gambling Ban
By Roy Mark

Two Virginia congressmen want to fold your online poker game, introducing legislation Thursday to ban all forms of electronic gambling in the United States.

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act proposes to make it illegal for Americans to use the Internet for gambling and would authorize law enforcement officials to stop credit card payments and other forms of electronic payments.

Violators would be subject to up to five years in prison.

"The [legislation] brings the current ban against interstate gambling up to speed with the development of new technology," bill sponsor Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) said in a statement.

Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.), a co-sponsor of the legislation, added in the same statement: "The explosive growth of the Internet has provided a means for gambling operations to evade existing anti-gambling laws."

Under current federal law, the Wire Act, passed by Congress in the early 1960s, prohibits making gambling wagers over the telephone. It is not legally clear if the Wire Act actually applies to the Internet.

"Technology has allowed for new types of electronic gambling, including interactive games on the Internet such as poker and blackjack, which may not clearly be included within the types of gambling currently made illegal by the Wire Act," the bill summary states.

"Our bill sensibly updates federal law to keep pace with new technologies by bringing the Internet within the fold of the anti-gambling restrictions that govern telephones," Boucher said.

Goodlatte has twice before introduced similar legislation but was unable to garner enough support to pass the bill. Earlier this week, Goodlatte blamed convicted pro gambling lobbyist Jack Abramoff for the defeats.

"Abramoff's total disregard for the legislative process has allowed Internet gambling to continue thriving and it's now a $12 billion industry," stated a media alert from Goodlatte's office.

"The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act is vital to protect our children and communities from the problems of addiction, crime, bankruptcy and family difficulties that come from gambling."
Elvis Henry

Elvis Henry

It isn't going to fly. They float this same thing twice a year at least through Congress. Besides, it already is illegal according to the administration and the DOJ under the 1961 Wire Act.

I've read analysis in the various political rags that I read about why the bill has no chance at this time. This ranks up there with the email tax.



Creature of leisure
Arghhhhh, these people really piss me off! (And by "these people," I mean anyone in a position of real, questionable, or completely self-envisioned power who think it's their business to decide what I do with my time.) Whether or not it will fly, it's intrusive of them to even think about trying to push such a piece of legislation on other competent adults.

I'm positive walking through clouds of smoke in the Indian casino today to get to the buffet was far more detrimental to my well-being than playing an online SNG.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I'll go back to committing violent crimes while doing drugs, filing for bankruptcy, and beating my spouse. ;)


yeah, just like file sharing is illegal online. i mean, no one's downloading mp3's for free on the internet anymore, are they? i know this is different, but still, i'm not worried. if it passes i'll have an excuse to go play live games more often.

ahhh, my 420th post....



i have confidence that won't past what they should do is legalize so american businesses can get into the market.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Styrofoam said:
"The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act is vital to protect our children and communities from the problems of addiction, crime, bankruptcy and family difficulties that come from gambling."

- You have lotteries in the US, right? This seems pretty hypocritical.

- The IGPA isn't vital to protect children from the problems of blah blah blah, parents actually being reasonably decent parents is.


People get addicted to chocolate. Is that gonna be banned?

Alcohol is a far bigger cause of crime. Is that gonna be banned?


If someone is determined enough to throw their money away, they'll do it one way or another.

family difficulties

Families argue over what to watch on TV more than just about anything. OMG HAY GUYZ LETS BAN TV.

This whole crap just reeks of picking on the little guy, and avoiding major issues like US soldiers still dying in Iraq, etc etc. If the congress has nothing better to do than debate this, it makes me wonder what the point in their existence is.

(Imagine how angry I'd be if I was American :eek:)
Elvis Henry

Elvis Henry

nateofdeath said:
yeah, just like file sharing is illegal online. i mean, no one's downloading mp3's for free on the internet anymore, are they?

Yes, it still goes on. There's Bit Torrent and a host of others. I don't know if Kazaa is still around or not. As for me, I went legit with Napster's new monthly service. On an MP3 player with Microsoft's Digital Rights Management v2 installed you can download and play all the MP3's you want for a set fee. Of course, if you quit paying, the MP3 player stops playing.

This online gambling legislation won't fly. The problem with this is the same problem with the interstate Internet and catalog sales tax issue -- they have ZERO means of enforcement at this time. It also lacks support of members of both parties whose constituencies, you need to remember, number in the millions of people who play online.

The one thing I see mentioned from time to time is that members of Congress have said they want to see Internet gaming sites "shut down at the root level of the DNS hierarchy." They want to filter DNS. In the meantime they still can't do anything about online pornography or purchase of Cuban cigars over the Internet from Europe and Australia. Things like that.

I love my country. But boy do we have some stupid laws that make absolutely no sense. They do everything they can to keep me from smoking my cigars in public and gambling my own hard-earned money, but do nothing valuable like improving the education system for our young or anything to improve the healthcare system in this country.

All right, I'll shut up now...