Some good calling and 3betting ranges at the micros?



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I currently play nl5 zoom 6max, after beating nl2 fairly easy over 100k hands. I'm not new to the game, but I feel like nl5 is way harder than nl2 and it has even become tougher over the years. 2 years ago I had no problem beating nl5, but these days there are way more good regs at the tables. That's why I need some better calling- and 3betting ranges.

I mostly flat call my suited connectors, low to mid pocket pairs and suited broadways IP.

My 3betting-range IP consists of AQs+, KQs, AKo, TT+ and depending on the position of the opening player and the amount of callers, I might try to squeeze with 3betting ranges like suited broadways or 88+.

This was enough to beat nl2 zoom 6max at around 8bb/100 over 80k hands. But at nl5, I feel like my calling ranges are getting squeezed too often by the blinds. The blinds play way more agressively at nl5 than at nl2.

What kind of calling and 3betting ranges would you advise me?
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The higher you play the less you can play some standard 3-bet range.

Some players remove their flatting range and 3-bet everything they want to play. That means they have a linear 3-bet range without any pure bluffs.

If people call your 3-bet often there is no reason to have a bluff range anyway of course.

The way you describe your own range it seems like you just 3-bet good hands and call with your medium hands. That get really easy to read - and maybe that is the reason you get squeezed so often and then have to fold.

If you still want a calling range (which could be good if you want to play post against some bad players that have to act after you for example) you can mix in some real premium hands like AA, KK and AK in it. Especially if you have a squeeze happy player after you that thinks you are weak when you just call. If they don't squeeze often or you want to isolate a player that calls to wide that has open you 3-bet these hands almost 100%. But against observant players that attack weakness it can be great to flat with the top of your range to trap and be harder to read at least some of the time.

So you have to construct your ranges after what you think the other players would do. Not just pre-flop but post as well.

So if your flat calling range get squeezed too much you obviously can't have a range where you just call-fold every time. You either start to 4-bet more (can do it lighter if they can fold, but more with value hand that can handle all-ins if they call or 5-bet) or you eliminate you calling range as mention above. Or you trap with some really premium hands.

Before you know if the opponents are unbalanced in any way you can exploit you can do a mix of all the things above and see how they react.

But if you don't play against total idiots that pay you off post don't be to obvious pre.

And if you just 3-bet the hands you mention, and just call with the hands you mention, it gets pretty obvious what you have. And more importantly it gets even more obvious what you don't have. Especially on flops with low cards.
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