Since its been brought up ..think a real discussion should help



Its when you raise pre-flop and get callers....

Now lets say there is a flush draw on the board and your JJ's you raised with are higher then all the cards on the flop..

Option is to bet at least the pot so to cancel out the flush chasers...

However if you are EP with those JJ's and got 2 callers.. I would say make more of a bet... this is NL by the way... you want the flush chasers or even open ended straight draw chasers to call such bets.. why?

Long run you shall win more, congratulate them if they call and hit for incorrect odds...

Now paulson and whomever else plays limit will know more about betting out when a flush or a straight is showing on the flop.. after the flop is always a diffrent story...

My thing I come to find out if you are the aggresor pre-flop, be the aggressor after the flop unless it is early on and you have no reads.. that would be your only problem early on.


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Doyal Brunson once said>> if your cards are good enough to make a pre-flop raise, then you gotta go with them, even if it means all your chips. If you raise pre-flop then you should be willing to go allin with them cards, even after the flop.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.>>>>>>> buck:hello:


Big difference between can and will. I would be willing to throw most of my money in the pot preflop with most hands I play but not after the flop. You have AK and don't hit the flop. You have JJ and Q K A come out. Your odds of seeing an improvement of your high card is greatly lowered after the flop. I am not ashamed to throw it away after someone bets into me.

If you were the aggressor I can definitely see firing out a bullet or two after the flop and turn to win the pot even if you don't improve. I started a thread while back saying that the preflop aggressor will usually win the pot if he bet after the flop.


I agree that if you are willing to commit your chips preflop, you should be prepared to see the hand all the way through. If you are not willing to follow through with the hand, then you should not have raised preflop or called a preflop raise.

On the same token, you have got to be aware of possible hands that could beat you. This is a situation where I would either make a 1.5x pot sized bet, or I would raise all in to try and take the pot down right here and eliminate the risk. If they call, they are still behind in the hand, and would have to hit lucky cards to take the pot.