New Year Poker Resolution



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My official poker resolution.

I will play all limits to the best of my ability.

Generally speaking I donk chips into low limit games.

Sometimes, after playing, I'll buy into a 2-4 or 4-8 game, and just go bananas, to unwind or "relax". It is a terrible habit, as I will commonly drop a few hundred playing like I'm nuts. See if the stakes are too low I just don't care, and that is a huge leak.

Also, a player racked up as soon as I got there, they asked me why I always come down and ruin their games. He was saying we are trying to take this game seriously, and you come in and it just becomes a stupid crap shoot. I felt bad. He proceeded to state that he was insulted. That he would enjoy an opportunity to play with me to see how he could do, if I took the game seriously.

He is right, and I apologize. Next time I sit in the 4-8 game, I'll bring my best game. Poker at every level is and should be an enjoyable challenge. It was disrespectful for me to treat the game any other way.

I will take all limits seriously, this is my resolution.

whats yours and why?



Patience in tournaments.

Early on, wait for the right time and cards to make moves. Don't chase if the odds are not there just because the stakes are smaller.

Final table. Wait and use position as much as cards to determine when to play and how to bet.

So far it has worked. Taken 3rd and 1st in a 27 and 34 person tournament locally.


GF beat me to it. I've got to adapt my game to be more patient at on line poker tables. Played the game for 25 years but only played online for the last few and I'm amazed at how impatient I get sometimes when I know I'd be more patient at an actual table. And I'm going to dig through the old files and find as much advice as I can about the differences of online and live play. I know it's the same basic principles but even subtle differences can make a big change in the money count at the end.
Air Jodoin23

Air Jodoin23

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I have a resolution, and it is super important to me. If I fail to do what I am hoping, my chances of winning at poker decreases MASSIVELY.

While playing online, I've got to stop bluffing when I'm out of position, the pot isn't worth it, im bored, and when my opponent is obviously on a hand. I tend to do all this things when my head is not in the game, and my eyes aren't solely on the poker table.

Live poker on the other hand, I need to minimize my tells, apart from that I am completely well with my live game.

Honestly, my poker skills are at a good level when I am paying complete attention, and i'm not making hardcore bluffs with no outs, and I am not cutting my loses and getting off hands. These are all my new years resolutions.