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Gmorning and afternoon where ever you may be. I need you to read this to see what I did wrong on this hand.
I went and played live last night and I don't think I will again for a very long time unless it's a NL tourney. :mad: man talk about frustration.

I got on a 4/8 limit HE table and basically was out in under an hour. I was only playing premium hands which wasn't many but I played my BBs and had to fold one because it was raised up and glad I folded would have lost it. I didn't want to get overly generous with raises since most of these people were playing anything anywhere with any raise practically. The guy on my left won a hand with a 8 4 os in mid position caught a pair of 4s where as if I had played the hand I would had him beat with a 6 3 os for 2 pair(no I didn't play this garbage). My best and worst hand and the hand that I went out on:
I was BB dealt A 8os(thinking back maybe I should have raised this preflop?) Not sure if it would had made much of a difference to anyone at the table though :p Flop comes A 8 K rainbow I do believe. SB checks I bet UTG called, think everyone else folded that had been in the hand. SB calls. Turn 2 SB checks, I bet 8 UTG calls, SB calls.
River 2. SB checks, I check, UTG sits there talking out loud....hmmmmmm bet bet check bet bet check............. wanted to really smack him. He bets 8 finally SB raises it up to 16 OMG! I threw in my last $12. and UTG calls. UTG guy flips over an A Qos I flip over my 2 pair SB guy flips over a Q2d for a set of 2s ARGGGGG. I was out I had my limit to play with last night and that was that. My husband told me when the SB raised I should have folded. I guess I should have but damn! There wasn't a flush draw out there nor a str8t draw. What did I do wrong here?(besides calling the raise lol)
Thanks for reading and any insight you can give me.
F Paulsson

F Paulsson

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Betting with the strongest hand (which you did until the river) can hardly ever be classified as a "mistake", but I believe I would have played the flop differently:

When you flop a strong hand, but not a monster, in early position into a field with many players (I guess there were at least five seeing the flop?), you may want to consider checking. This is not with the intention of slowplaying, but with the intention of someone in later position else betting, so you can checkraise. The optimum is for the person in last position to bet, so you can checkraise and drive out all the stragglers between the two of you. In this particular case, that might not have helped since the SB would still be in, but you want to get rid of people holding, for instance, A9 so that they don't catch a higher two pair, or someone who would otherwise get correct odds to draw to an inside straight.

On the turn, bet away. You've already declared strength, and you're hardly going to be able to pull another checkraise anyway. If the donk with Q2 actually called a bet and a raise after the flop, you're pretty much screwed at this point, because he might well decide to see the river as well.

Anyway, it's the flop I would have played differently first and foremost. Raising in the BB pre-flop typically doesn't drive anyone out (unless you're re-raised by another early position limper, which you REALLY don't want with your relatively weak kicker).

I would also have bet the river. Mr. AQ would have called with a worse hand. In this particular case, you got hit by a donk, and there's no protection against that, I'm afraid.

But, chances are that had you played it like I would have, you'd have accomplished nothing more than being down yet another small bet, with the way the hand turned out. Food for thought, anyway.



Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thank you so much for the advice for hands such as this. I will from now on try to check in hopes of someone betting after so I can raise it up.

Thank you again.
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