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OK, I just got back from holiday, and I met Nick there, and he convinced me to post a bit on cardschat. I normally post on one of the biggest forums and write a few articles for them. So I said I'd post a bit here, and see what the feedback is like.

A few months ago, I turned "pro". I 8-12 table the 400nl games on FT and my BR is around the $30k mark. I only play cash games, and so I'll probably only reply to cash game posts. If my style at times is a bit rude......tough :p

This "article" is one I wrote on the other forum, just changed slightly. It's a vital tool to have in your arsenal, but very expensive if you use it wrong.


What is 3-betting light?

Firstly, I guess, we have to establish what a 3-bet is. Its a term used here to describe preflop (although can also describe post flop). And it is basically just a reraise. So an example is if UTG raises to 4BB and I then in UTG+1 reraise to 12BB, that would be a 3-bet.

OK, next, what is the "light" part about? Well, most players when they start to play poker to a decentish level tend to only reraise (3-bet) very strong hands preflop. Something like QQ+ and sometimes AK and that's about it. 3-betting light means that you do it with some weaker hands as well, like AQ, 66, 78s etc etc.

Why do we 3-bet light?

Theres a few reasons here. The main 2 though are for image/shania/metagame and b/c cbets = $$$$$$.

I'm sure every1 says that pushing a combo draw is so good because now you can play your sets the same way and get looked up light. Now I'm sorry, but this is really a bit of BS. Good players realise exactly what you were doing, so they will think nothing of it. And bad players don't fold TP+ anyway. Not to mention that people are still too scared to play their sets mega fast a lot of the time anyway.

BUT when you 3bet light, it REALLY REALLY affects the way villains view you. When you showdown 79s after 3betting preflop, it make you look like a maniac, BUT they still have no idea how to respond. They start to call you down a lot lighter (so obv you have to readjust your frequencies)

Now onto the cbet=$$$ point. You know how when you raise preflop and cbet the flop normally, you get looked up by bottom pair, gutshots etc. All sorts of trash, after all, you have AK, right? BUT, in rr pots, things work differently. Every1 puts you on AA all of a sudden. So, they call preflop b/c they think they have implied odds and they try and get a good flop with their 78s or their 22. But they c/f the flop all the time unless they flop a set or 2pair or whatever.

Important note on cbeting in reraised pots:

DO NOT BET AS MUCH AS YOU WOULD DO IN A NORMAL POT! Your cbets in reraised pots should be between 1/2 pot and 2/3 pot, NOT more. The reasons for this is that normally you either have air as you're 3-betting light and so we dont have to take it down as often if we bet less. OR we have a very good hand, and due to pot/stack size ratio, we can get AI very easily by not betting all that much.

Who to 3-bet light, with what hands and in what position?

I can't stress how important reads are when 3-betting light. You firstly need to know how light some1 is raising. Theres not point 3betting light, if the guy who raised is a 11/3 preflop type, or even a 60/5 preflop type. The typed you want to go for are the 30/20 types, or even the 22/17 TAGs. Although a 70/50 player will raise too lightly, he'll also be calling raises to light and not folding to cbets, so he's not a good person to 3bet light.

Also, try to get a read on what their calling ranges of 3bets are and how they play postflop after calling. If they call a lot preflop and play fit or fold postflop, 3bet these guys. If they 4bet light and c/r bluff a lot of flops with a good frequency, dont 3bet lighgt these guys.

This is mainly common sence, but is SOOO important.

The hands you should be 3betting with are ones that CAN win you a big pot. So 78s, 33 etc. Also, hands that have good showdown value, like AQ, KQs etc.

Position is also quite important. Remeber that people raise way looser on the button that UTG etc. Also, when you have position, you can check behind some flops for pot control etc.

Anything Else?

One of the keys to 3-betting light is playing well is rr pots. This needs reads. You need to understand pot control and your image well. I really recomment that you just have a go and practice makes perfect. Maybe drop down a level if you're a bit scared. And if you need some help on hands in rr pots, just post them, or PM a few to some1 you respect, and I's sure they'll help you out

STACK SIZES: don't 3bet light when effective stacks are less than 90BBs, it wont work!

IMO, 3betting light can work at 50nl and below. Works well at 100nl and is vital for 200nl+.


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Hey D:

This is an interesting scenario, which could be proven to be effective using this method at certain level's of play. Imo- dont think it's an through the entire length of it style that will work:eek: , However as you stated if utilized properly could bring you large dividend's- an possibly winning it all.

(Although a 70/50 player will raise too lightly, he'll also be calling raises to light and not folding to cbets, so he's not a good person to 3bet light.) I think that this is the type of player, because you put in an do or die situation will call it to the river on (GP).

Also I add that this terminology you use im somewhat familar with, just im use to hearing it called by different acronyoms:confused: - but over-all I like it an will take bit's an piece's an put them in my game.

P.S. Thank's for the post>>>>

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Nice post. Welcome!

I'm always at awe of anyone who has the capacity to multitable more than four tables at ones.


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this post is gold btw

1 question about one of the points that you made is this: you say to 3bet light with some suited connectors, small pairs, hands like that, which I totally agree with. But you also say to 3bet light some hands that have good showdown value such as AQ and KQ. I was always of the mind that these hands are NOT the ones that you want to be 3betting light with because of the high chance of them being dominated. Are you basing your preflop decisions with these hands on your reads on villians, position where the open raise came from, your preflop position? For example, in a 6 handed game, say a tight player in MP2 raises, you're probably NOT going to be 3betting light with AQ type hands but you might decide to 3bet a 78s? You might set yourself up to be in a bad spot with a hand such as AQ, because I find that people generally go to the felt with AK if they hit the ace on the flop in a re-raised pot.
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But you also say to 3bet light some hands that have good showdown value such as AQ and KQ. I was always of the mind that these hands are NOT the ones that you want to be 3betting light with because of the high chance of them being dominated.

This is a very good point and 1 that should definitely be noted and thought about. The reason I like to 3bet light with hands that have showdown value is because how common 3betting light is nowadays. As a result, people have adjusted their game and will call preflop with hands they shouldn't and then call flop bets with any pair.

These are still good people to 3bet light, as they will still miss most flops. HOWEVER, it is important to note that vs them, you will go to showdown is a rr pot more often that vs weak/tighter players. So you should try to have a hand that does well at showdown, and ones that can flop TP type hands are perfect for this. Especially in position, where you can check a lot of flops you hit, for pot control purposes