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Dec 3, 2018
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How do you even out your raise/ check raising ranges? Please give examples with blockers/ suits
Thank you!!!


May 2, 2019
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I make a example:
As-Js hero hand in CO. Villain's Hand: Qc-Kc in BTN
Pot of 3 bets, the hero opening and the villain's raise.
The flop comes 7c-8c-9s. Hero check, villain bet, hero raise, villain call.
The ranges from this position are wider, but when we use blockers here, we expect the weaker hands to fold. For example in this case, hands like 55-22, 94s-92s, 84s-82s, 75s-72s, 52s +, 42s + and 32s, have a very difficult decision after our x / r line. Because we block hands like A2-A8s for which V rank loses a lot of value with that weak part of rank. This coupled with blocking the nuts, makes the villain's call unbalanced, when you include these low combos.
From a simple and basic point of view, our hand (hero hand) can block the nuts with JT and second pair and third pair with top kicker. We cannot block TPTK because said combo has been removed from the suits ranks of spades. While villain can block top pair with second and third kicker. In addition to the flush draw combos and maybe overpairs.


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Dec 26, 2018
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You have to build your x/raising rangue from a point off view in were you valance ur strong hands.
Ex You defend the BB with this.

Im not telling you wath to defend this is an example.
Them flop come this.

Here you have to chouse(depending on strategie or depending on vilain) wish are ur value hands.
Straits and sets for sure,but you have to valance and let some strong hand to only calling,that way when you call u still have strong hands in your rangue, i would call Tset for example.
So lets say u wanth to X/R sets ,Straits and doubles. You have 4 combos off strait, 9 combos off set(u can x/raise them all or split them) and 3 combos off 2 pairs, totaling 16 combos, now the sizing u X/R will make vilain call more or less. Lets say u X/R pot size he will have 33% odds to call so he will need you to have 3 bluffe every 10 combos,so you can do it with 3 for been exactlly valanced,with 2 for been on the Ev side or more for been explotative(since most off vilain dont now how manny bluffes they need you to have they just call on guts) vilain tend o fold to much the X/R in certain levels and to call to much in others it will depend on field. So you have 16 combos off value(asuming that u X/R them all) you can chouse from 4 to 5 combos to bluff with. is on you,you could do it with a middle pair that i bloquing the strait nuts, or you could do it with overcards that are bloquing some off his overpair. But i rather to have some equity with my bluffes that way u can win with agression and can win when the bingo card lands. Iff you like to X/R for value wider,lets say Tpair+ them you will need to add more combo bluffes and iff you like to x/r for value less you add less bluffes.
But all will depend on how the field play,the info you have about vilain,ex iff he is to nith them you can bluff more,iff he is to louse(he call with Tpair+) them you bluff less nd iff he is a bingo player them you dont bluff at all.
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Mar 20, 2019
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How do you even out your raise/ check raising ranges? Please give examples with blockers/ suits
Thank you!!!
It's a broad topic but I can go over what you do vs a range bet of 33 pot on a dry board. Since villain is betting so many hands its correct and balanced to checkraise a lot of your own hands for protection and value, but also to bluff. Since villain is cbetting a merged range, meaning bluffs, value, and every hand inbetween, you need to respond with a merged raising range that includes sdv hands. This means that if your have any pair with the board, draws, or even some backdoors, you checkraise. Pocket pairs actually dont do as well doing this since they can't improve often, so I would toss out the weakest PP from your chkr range.

If villain bets bigger on a wetter board, you must respond with a polar checkraise range meaning bluffs and strong value only. And call fold your sdv hands.

If they bet big on a dry board then I find thats just a straight up tell for a strong hand at micros. And you should be looking to fold.