Bomb Pots Cash Tables on America's Cardroom Are Easier, less bots

I was a loser at Blitz $10NL and it felt like everyone played like a bot.

At $25 and $50NL bomb pots, it feels like live poker where you have all different sorts of VPIP/PFR combos.

Since I'm having success at bomb pots, I wonder why all players aren't also having success. Is it because of the randomness that people just prefer to opt out?

It is this exact scenario though that is the cash player's dream... I thought. You get to sit 300bb's deep and can really start to bully people around, even in bomb pots you can start making blind stabs with position with huge stack.

People stack off so much more often in Bomb Pot tables. They are literally fish magnets, I've never seen these stats since early 2000's.

I don't have a lot of volume yet, less than ~10k hands, and I only started on $50, so I'll posted stats when I have volume.
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