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Everything You Need to Know About Internet Gaming with American Express
American Express Poker Sites

AMEX is simply the gold standard of credit cards. Known the world over and available in 130 countries, American Express is built on a foundation of service, sustainability and viability.

With so many poker players turning to their American Express card for poker deposits, here is everything you need to know about using AMEX online. Find out about transaction times and signing up to a poker room, and take our reviews team's tips about the best US poker sites available to you and your card.

Stick right here to find out:

  • Which poker sites accept American Express for deposits
  • How to use AMEX even if the site doesn’t support it
  • How you can double-dip on poker site and other bonuses with American Express

If you want to get started right away, our top rated American Express site for October 2019 is Governor of Poker 3.

Why you’ll love paying and playing with AMEX

Considering the reputation of excellence and reliability, we believe you will find that when using your American Express at one of our recommended sites, you made the right choice. Count on speed, security, safety and a smooth experience. Some of the benefits of being an online poker player and an AMEX cardholder include: typically higher credit limits, virtually no fees, and a great rewards program.

But the truth is that just a handful of online poker sites that take American Express. This is largely due to the banking regulations in the United States of America. Fortunately, there are a few very reputable sites that are accepting AMEX, and more will begin to accept them in the future. Our team of experts has come together to identify those safe, secure and trustworthy AMEX online poker sites and AMEX casinos.

How do we choose the sites we recommend?

  • We like to see a rewarding sign up bonus
  • Transactions for real money gambling are fast and secure
  • We choose sites with the latest software and excellent gaming

American Express at a Glance

As the largest card issuer in the world, being used in 130 countries, there are many players who would like to use their cards to make a deposit in a US poker room that takes American Express. Unfortunately, for the moment internet poker using American Express is tricky, as you will not always find a poker site that accepts American Express (this is true within the U.S. and outside of it). So you may have to look into using a different deposit method if your chosen site does not support AMEX.

Why Make Deposits for Internet Poker Using American Express?

Though finding a site accepting American Express for deposits is rarer compared with those supported by Visa and MasterCard, there are still benefits of choosing American Express to make a deposit. Online poker with American Express is very safe. Payments made are highly secure. Excellent security systems are in place to protect against fraud, while AMEX has a customer service team working 24/7 which you can contact if you are having trouble making a deposit. With certain cashback credit cards, you can receive up to 5% cashback on deposits of up to £2,500.

How to use AMEX for online poker even if a poker site doesn’t accept it?

If a poker site claims they don’t take American Express, you can still use your AMEX to play. There are a few different routes you can take to get up and running:

  1. Buy a Visa or MasterCard prepaid card. You can do this at almost any local convenience store. So if AMEX is the only card you have, you won’t be left out in the cold.
  2. Use a 3rd party payment service, like an eWallet. Doing so let’s you fund your account with a card of your choosing, and many services let you use American Express.
  3. Buy a voucher at the store. You can buy cash vouchers at some local grocery and convenience stores with your AMEX, and then use those vouchers to deposit to your account.

Double Dip on bonuses with AMEX Poker Sites

Using your American Express has its advantages. Perhaps you earn airline points each time you use your card. Or maybe you earn Reward Points from AMEX that you can use for almost anything. By depositing using your American Express, you could earn incentives each time you charge your card.

First, there’s the credit card incentives you’ll earn from AMEX. And second, there’s the bonuses you’ll earn from the online poker site. Be sure to check with the site before depositing. Some poker rooms might consider credit card charges a cash advance, so you might not qualify for points.

Making Your Deposits At A Poker Site That Accepts American Express

  1. Register for an American Express credit or debit card either online at or in-branch. To those living outside the U.S., various international banks are partners with AMEX (Lloyds Bank in the UK and NAB in Australia) so you can still register for a card if you are not a resident of the U.S.A.
  2. Once you have found a suitable USA online poker site that takes American Express, go to the cashier section and pick AMEX as your payment option.
  3. A form will be provided for you to enter your account number, security code and expiration date to complete the deposit process.
  4. Check you have entered everything correctly and submit. Welcome to online poker with American Express!


Is it easy to use AMEX on popular poker sites?

Using your card on our preferred AMEX poker sites is easy. The hardest thing facing you is which poker game will you play today? Choose one of the recommended sites, register by providing your information, and make a payment just as if you are buying music to download onto your iPhone and go. It is that easy. Real cash money and USD in your wallet.

What is the best way to play using AMEX?

Choosing the best way to play online poker is really based upon what your favorite electronic device is. For many, sitting in their homes with a larger monitor helps them navigate many tables at once. Others really enjoy using their Mac laptops. Increasingly, poker players are falling in love with the ability to play on the go with their iPhones, Smartphones or iPads. There can be a downside to the on-the-go devices and that is the screens are often too small to play multiple tables at once. If you do choose to go mobile, make sure you have downloaded the required apps. American Express has a very useful app and you don’t want to leave home without it.

How is AMEX compared to other method of payments?

When it comes to speed and security, there is very little out there that is safer than credit cards. American Express is world renown for their rewards program and low to no fees imposed upon cardholders. Other e-wallets and digital forms of payment are also safe, but require a few more set-up steps. Often times there are additional fees that can add up quickly and keep your bankroll a little leaner than it could have been. Every dollar counts and real money poker players in the US can rest assured that their dollars are welcome by way of the many different methods available.

Are my details safe?

You can rest assured that your details are safe. Our recommended online poker sites that accept American Express are guaranteed safe. AMEX is a name you can trust. It is as easy as picking up your cell phone and calling a friend.

Following a win, do I withdraw using the same card details?

Withdrawing your real cash winnings will require a bit of a different path. This is really where the alternative methods of payment come into play. Let the online poker site pay you your winnings through an e-wallet, bank transfers, and other forms of payment.

How does it compare to platforms like PayPal/Skrill?

There are quite a few differences between using PayPal or Skrill and a credit card like AMEX. Let’s look at PayPal. PayPal is not available to online poker players in the US. Skrill is a safe and reliable method, but there are additional charges associated with its use. It is also in many ways a middleman in that in order to use it, you still have to transfer money from your bank account or credit card. With AMEX, it is just a matter of entering your information and then get to the action.

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