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** Game ID 14791799 starting - 2006-11-30 00:12:25
** Moet [Hold 'em] (1.00|2.00 No Limit - Cash Game) real money

- jayman sitting in seat 1 with R175.00
- loopy sitting in seat 3 with R456.63
- MoJoJoJo sitting in seat 4 with R83.63 [Dealer]
- Simi sitting in seat 5 with R359.24
- honeststeve sitting in seat 6 with R29.50
- fathat sitting in seat 7 with R31.43

Simi posted the small blind - R1.00
honeststeve posted the big blind - R2.00

** Dealing card to loopy: Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts
fathat called - R2.00
jayman folded
loopy raised - R10.00
MoJoJoJo called - R10.00
Simi folded
honeststeve went all-in - R29.50
fathat folded
loopy called - R31.50
MoJoJoJo folded
honeststeve shows: 4 of Spades, 2 of Spades :eek: :confused:

** Dealing the flop: Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Clubs

** Dealing the turn: Queen of Spades

** Dealing the river: 5 of Diamonds
loopy wins R72.25 from the main pot

The used car salesman's best 5 cards were all on the board. The prosecution rests.
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