Test your Small Stakes No Limit Hold 'Em (ANSWERS)



OK, here are the answers to my series. Feel free to post what marks you got and to argue with my answers here

Question #1:

(7) Check - Reasonable. Play for set value, if overcards hit though, you're most likely done with the hand.
(0) Raise to $2 - Minraising is BADBADBAD. Re-opens the betting and builds a pot with a vulnerable hand
(3) Raise to $7- The normal preflop raising rule is 4BB + 1BB for every limper. So $ is too little for that. Also, look at MP2's short stack. By raising to $7, if he pushes, you cannot reraise. $7 will just get you too many customers
(9) Raise to $12 - This is best...thins the field and also gets you good value of any1 who wants to call.


Question #2:

(3) Check - In a limped pot, C/R announces the stregnth of your hand and shuts down the pot...not what we want
(9) bet - You have the ebst hand...bet it!


Question #3:

(0) check/raise - Terrible. At least 1 players is likely on a draw, so we need to protect our hand
(4) Bet $12 - This is just too small. We are giving players good odds for the flush draw.
(8) Bet $21 - The perfect size IMO. Aces still call a lot of the time, flush draws might still call, but they have incorrect odds
(1) Push all in - this is just silly. Unless our opponents are slowplaying a set, they won't call here.


Question #4:

(2) c/c a PSB - This is bad. We are paying off a flush too much and he's not value betting a worse hand this strong. And what hands could he get to the river and be bluffing with?
(4) c/c a 1/2 pot bet - He might be value betting some worse hands by betting half pot, but very few...this is still a flush most the time
(8) bet $35 - This is clearly best. We only lose $35 the times we are beat (if we fold to a raise) and we get value from worse hands (aces/2pair/lower sets) that would otherwise check behind
(4) bet $62 - This bet is just too big. Not enough worse hands will call, and we're paying off a flush too much


Question #5:

(3) Call - In 2p2, they have a theorem called the dbitel thm, which goes something like "when you are raised on the river, you need damn close to the nuts to call." When we are raised here, he usually has the flush. Sure, he didn't have odds to chase...but he did anyway!
(7) Fold - This is a damn tough fold to make...WE HAVE A SET GODDAMMIT! But I'm afraid, we're just not ahead. People raise flop bets with just about every hand going...people only raise river bets with mosters


Question #6:

(4) Value Bet - It is true that this bet has an element of value to it, but a value bet is more when you are sure you have the best hand...here, we are not sure
(0) Continuation bet - This is when you bet on the flop after raising preflop
(10) Blocking bet - A blocking bet is a bet that has some value that we make so that we set the price of showdown, when we're not sure if we're ahead or behind and we don't want to have to check/call a lage bet (normally, you are supposed to fold when a blocking bet is raised)
(0) Semi-bluff - A semi-bluff is a bet on any street except the river when you figure you have the worset hand, but you have many outs to make the best hand


Question #7:

(0) ~8% - Nope
(10) ~12% - You flop a set 11.76% of the time
(0) ~15% - Nope
(0) ~19% - This is the odds you hit a set by the river


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Wow, I actually did really good at this, except on the first one I picked check instead of the raise to $12 (and it's still my preference). And I actually voted value bet but after that I made a post saying I wanted to change my answer to blocking. Agreed with all the others.

Going by what I actually voted for, I got a score of 53.

This was pretty cool, dbitel. Would like to see more of these kinds of things.


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Well, I only missed #1, I raised 7 instead of 12 and 5 as I would have called. But I did notice a whole lot of people checked pre-flop. That is the major mistake that lead to the rest. A raise might have eliminated the flush draw to begin with.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

#1 - i prefer checking OOP to making this raise still, though it's pretty table dependent.

#2 - yep

#3 - with 1 card to come the $12 isn't giving people odds to call anyway (as long as we're not willing to donate our stack if the flush hits) except in cases perhaps where the guy acting after us calls and the other guy has a flush draw. i dunno, i like making the smallish bet here.

#4 - dunno why c/c 1/2 pot is better than c/c pot, but yeah, bet-folding is probably best on reflection.

#5 - i knew fold would be 'correct', but i'm willing to admit i'm just not 'good' enough to do it.

#6 - ok

#7 - yeah

i guess the fact that i'm far more versed in sngs and tourney strategy works against me here to an extent, heh.


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I think I have to disagree with a couple of the "answers" (raising PF and folding on the river, specifically), but I can see the logic of the answers provided - it's valid, but not the only valid interpretation of the hand or or how to play it.

Either way, big Kudos to Dbitel for posting this, it certainly entertained us and started a lot of discussion.

I may have to try my own hand at this over the weekend.

Oh yeah, score 43 - apparently I got a load of 2nd best answers...
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