Mega multi way pot With Top Two... You Know Where This Is Going



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May 22, 2008
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I was in the SB with EIGHT people on the flop, btw the table was not full of calling stations; just one of these hands.


CO with $70.96
BTN with $106.58
SB with $112.25
BB with $124.07
UTG with $20.33
UTG+1 with $19.00
UTG+2 with $66.09
MP1 with $102.09
MP2 with $20.03
MP3 with $102.61

Site: Party Poker
Dealt to SB:J♦ 9♣
Sklansky group 7
UTG calls [$1 USD]
1 players fold.
UTG+2 calls [$1 USD]
MP1 calls [$1 USD]
1 players fold.
MP3 calls [$1 USD]
CO checks.
BTN calls [$1 USD]
Hero calls [$0.50 USD]
BB checks.
Total folds this street: 2
Potsize: $8
9♥ J♠ 3♦
Hero bets [$6 USD]
3 players fold.
MP1 calls [$6 USD]
3 players folded.
Total folds this street: 6
Potsize: $20
Hero checks.
MP1 bets [$15 USD]
3 players fold.
Hero calls [$15 USD]
Potsize: $50
Hero bets [$16 USD]
MP1 is all-in.
MP1 does not show cards.
MP1 wins $143.09 USD
1 players folded.
Total folds this street: 1


I bet out heavily to define that hand and would be very happy to take it down then and there on the flop. The turn scared me as it fills a straight but i also feared a set. His turn bet smellls like a set as i dont think he would have called a 90% pot bet with a draw, as he is certainly tight. But i could not fold it and then on the river i hoped that a blocking bet would allow me to see if i had made the right read albeit loosing a lot still

Can i get some adivse about htis hand as well as tips for how to just flop hands like these and save myself money at the expense of my curosity or stupidity to acknoladge that i was beat, or whatever it was that made me continue with the hand

Cheers all


Mar 31, 2008
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This is really difficult to analyze without any reads or numbers on villian except he is "certainly tight". He is the third player to limp so this could be any number of hands that include small/med PP and connectors.

You flop bet was fine IMO, a good size(75% not 90% btw) and a check would only be for C/R reasons which with so many people I dont see a bluff here, maybe an extra bet from a AJ or KJ.

After that this is just a shitty situation on the turn, his 3/4 pot bet is a time you have to start thinking of any reads you might have. Since you have 2 pair its unlikely he has 99 or JJ here. I dont think you can dismiss a draw here, with players left to act maybe he thought there could be another caller giving him good enough odds, who knows. Depending on his numbers this could be a fold but that would be a tough fold. Another option would be to throw out another bet here and fold to a raise considering you label him as tight? I just dont know.

I would not make a 30 big blind blocking bet just to fill your ego and see that he had a set, while a blocking bet has its purpose that shouldnt be one of them. I am probably checking this and folding to anything too high. Unless he is a maniac, which it doesnt sound like he is, I cant see your hand being best with him having the chance to check it down with 4 to a straight on board. What is he going to call your bet with that you beat? I also cant imagine getting a set or better to fold here even with 4 to a straight. I could be wrong here though blocking bets are something I probably dont get enough value out of.

Overall a shitty situation good fold on the end.


Nov 26, 2007
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His turn bet smells like a set as i don't think he would have called a 90% pot bet with a draw

Why does his turn bet smell like a set? He could very well have completed his straight, or just be betting at your weakness as he has position.

100 big blinds deep, i can very easily see an oesd call your flop bet, especially with a runner runner flush draw giving villain an extra out. Implied odds are very good here.

I really don't see the point of your river bet.


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May 5, 2008
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A big turn bet might stop someone from drawing, but theres no way a 3/4 pot bet is stopping a 2 way nut draw from calling on the flop. I'm baffled by you wanting to see which hand it is that has you beat. Don't know what to tell you there.


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Jan 2, 2007
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Anyone else like a flop check/raise? With 8 players in we could trap in a lot of dead money. But we do risk letting players see a free card, and we could be bloating the pot with the 2nd best hand. This flop hits limper's range very hard though, so I would be pretty suprised if we didn't get a bet from someone.


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Jan 15, 2008
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check/fold the river and save yourself $16 bucks. Even dump 2 pair on the turn if this bloke is especially tight. You don't really beat anything with the hand.. any straight draw he might have been smooth calling the flop with he would have hit. If he did flop a set you're still beat. You're really just hoping he's got top pair top kicker.

his turn bet could have been a bluff at your weakness.. the river reraise means you're beat, unless he's a very gutsy bluffer.


Apr 26, 2007
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i might overbet flop. as played c/f river