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got this hand today :
1/2 $ LHE

first player limps in everyone folds , im SB and hold KQ offs , i raise to get the BB out and to have a heads up with the limper ( a semi loose player ) .

after my raise , BB folds and the limper reraises , i call . the pot is now
7 $ .

The flop comes KQ10 rainbow . im first to act and bet 1 , the limper calls .
Pot is now 9 $ .

And now the turn card - its a Jack .

So the board is now KQJ10 .

i check and he bets 2 $

i folded since i was pretty sure he had an ace

but now i think since there were 11 $ in the pot and i had 4 outs to get a full house and another 4 outs to get a split pot (ace ) maybe i should have called here .

suggestions ?

Ty , Poo_Poo
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Nah, fold. Pot odds are against you here, you're getting about 6-1 but you need over 11-1 to call with 4 outs (not accounting for the 3 Ace outs, which don't affect things greatly).
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Besides that, you're double counting an ace anyways. You haev 4 wins (2k and 2Q) and 3 ties, since you're sure that the guy has at least 1 ace.

I'd fold here, but its possible you're against King Jack...although, i doubt it.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

I know I've seen stupider things happen, but unless I have a read on villain here as an overaggro superdonk I don't think he's capping preflop with KJ. I can't see a feasible hand that we're ahead of here.