Hero missed value?



Sep 4, 2020
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pokerrr2 app (basically runs as live game)
0.25/0.50/1$ (mandatory straddle) 250$ CAP
8 handed
no much info on the Villain, played about 1-2hours with him at that point, rec player, can get out of the line from time to time and be splashy. VPIP 50+

folds to Villain in BTN opens to 5$ (eff. 230$)
Hero in SB with KK 3bets to 18.55$ (covers)
Villain defends

heads up to the flop

flop (38.6$)
7c 7s 9h
Hero c-bets 12.8
Villain raises to 38.4
Hero calls

turn (115.4$)
7c 7s 9h 9c
Hero checks
Villain bets 61.50
Hero calls

river (238.4$)
7c 7s 9h 9c Ks
it checks through with Villain still have 113$ behind him and Hero take it down

I haven't find out what V had. What do you think about this hand, should I be leading this river giving him great odds to call me or check and hope for a bet in order to keep his bluffs in, I am sure that sometime he will do this with some garbage hands that maybe picked some equity on the turn (JcTc, AcTc, maybe even 68). Should I be worried that he checked back a 7 here at the end or he just gave up on bluffing the river and I got the maximum anyway.


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Feb 7, 2008
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What do you think about this hand, should I be leading this river giving him great odds to call me or check and hope for a bet in order to keep his bluffs in

2 thoughts for me
1) Bet small to either get a crying call or a bluff jam
2) If he's gonna fold to any bet then overbet jam as you would with bluffs

I almost always go with 1 as I really want some value for my big hands and I don't think I see the player pool enough to make #2 worthwhile in the long run.


Jun 30, 2016
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You did miss $113 of value, BUT, I think your river check is fine.

After raising the flop and betting the turn, I think it's fair to think that he'll put in less than a 1/2 pot bet on the river.


Feb 13, 2018
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You potentially missed value on the river but more often than not, you did miss value on the river. The way the hand is played villain never has 77 since they would not raise on the flop with quads in my opinion praying that you have an overpair. I also think its unlikely they have 99 for the same reason just remove quads on the flop with a boat.

The turn card I would hate in game since it gives any 9x the boat. Not sure how many 9xs villain has but Ive seen stranger things. I would call as you did since I think AA plays this hand differently than the betting pattern that has happen from pre to turn in this hand.

The river then, thinking the above, gives us the effective nuts as I rule out 77 and 99. In this spot villain could still have 9x or 7x and also have hands like 1010 and a less likely JJ where they would raise the flop and bet the turn as they did. All those hands, I think could call a bet on the river with 7x and 9x calling the entire 113. 1010, JJ, QQ could fold and other hands the villain could have like some AK hands they were playing out of left field would also fold. That is why I say you potentially missed value but the way the hand is played it looks 1010, JJ, QQ with 1010 most likely to me which I think calls a small to medium sized bet on the river most of the time but at least some of the time.

I will say for the record why not just lead out KK here? If they have a hand we hope they have they are never folding and could re raise us all in if we dont put them in to begin with. Any hand like 1010-QQ will check behind too often so we need at least to try to make them make a crying call.


Jun 3, 2019
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Standard 3-bet.

Standard C-bet and standard call.

The board is dubble paired, but its with rags, so its still not to likely, we are beat. Hands like A9s or T9s got there now, but on the other side there is only 1 combo of 99 left. He probably has more TT-QQ and maybe some bluffs, so I would also call again.

Whenever we decide between checking and betting the river out of position with a strong hand like this, the key question is, if his betting range when checked to is wider than his calling range. If he has a bluff like a busted draw, checking is obviously best, since he is never going to call. But if he has a marginal made hand, then betting is best, because these hands are more likely to call a bet than bet when checked to. If he has a worse boat or quads, our line dont matter, since the money will go in regardless.

In this spot he could have quite a few marginal made hands like TT-QQ, and there are not to many logical bluffs, although he could of course have some. There is less than a half pot sized bet left behind, which mean, he will be getting a great price to hero call. And so will we, so maybe he actually just give up with his bluffs some percentage of the time. For those reasons I prefer to lead here, and if we were ever bluffing, we would definitely jam, and then we should also do that, when we have value.