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Jul 26, 2020
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Hey everyone! I was playing in a .02/.05 cash game on ignition. I had been playing for about 45 minutes. Standard action nobody too loose or too tight. Do I always fold here? Also should I have folded pre-flop?

Villain UTG+4 ( 102.4 BB)
Hero Big Blind (8s 5s) (127.4 BB)
The Small Blind and I post 1.5 BB
Current Pot (1.5 BB)
Folds to the Villain, who raises to 3BB, Small Blind folds, Hero (Big blind) defends with 8s 5s
Current Pot (6.5BB)
Flop: Qs As Ks
I decide to check here to pickup an extra bet form my opponent, as I think this flop does pretty well with his range (assuming he has AKo here or some combination of broadway cards), Villain bets 3BB, Hero calls
Current Pot (12.5 BB)
Turn: 7d Board: Qs As Ks 7d
I check again expecting my opponent to lead out here again, Villain leads out for 7BB, Hero re-raises to 30.4 BB (let me know if this was a bad sizing), Villain calls.
Current Pot (73.3 BB)
River: Kc Board: Qs As Ks 7d Kc
Here I check again intending to check call, this card smashes his range pretty hard I thought. Villain bets 30.8 BB, I consider folding but for the price I end up making the call as I only need to be good 30% or more here. (now that I think about it it was a smart sizing from the Villain)
Villain flips over Ad Ac for a flopped set and rivered boat. Was this an obvious fold here on the river? I did not have any info on the Villain at this time, but I am thinking that the call of the re-raise on the turn makes this a clear fold. Unsure, any info would be helpful! Thanks!


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Jul 27, 2020
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Here is my opinion, 85s BB defense is a fold for me. I would have called a suited connector and a one gapper, but not 2 (just cause you are OOP). However you called, I think the next mistake was just calling the C-Bet as you have a low made flush, this would have been a clear check raise to me as any other spade that hits will probably make you 2nd best. If he would have called that, then you can narrow the range down more (QQ+, AQ+, 10J+os, 910+s) and probably be a check call turn, check fold river as board pairs.

Putting in those ranges, I don't think you have 30% equity if you would have check raised the flop.


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Oct 10, 2018
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Fold preflop...

Big check-raise on the flop

As played, shove on the river


Feb 13, 2018
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When we check raise the turn (which I agree with and your sizing is fine) I think villain knows what we have at that point. I believe they are able to put us on a flush as they would know we probably arent check raising two pair there as villain could have the flush themselves. Knowing this, I believe they call that check raise looking to see if the board pairs to either hit a potential boat based on their cards or to see if they can bluff us off of our flush.

On the river I think I like folding here. Its not an easy spot but it isnt a good one for us even with the flush. Villain could have a bigger flush, a boat, or something they are turning into a bluff. You have to ask though, how many times is villain going to be bluffing with AQ or something else that loses to a flush when they just saw us check raise the turn? I dont think villain could be confident enough we are folding and would want to just get to showdown. Maybe I am way off on that but I just feel like our hand is face up and villain knows they either beat us or are trying to make a flush fold which some players will do, and some wont especially at 5 NL.


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Sep 16, 2010
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85s fold preflop - this is a weak hand and you are out of position.
As played check/raise flop to defend your weak flash.
River fold on doubled board.


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Aug 24, 2020
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85s should almost always be a fold. Against a BTN min open, I might find a 3-bet, depending on opponent.

I actually don't know full ring positions too well... is UTG + 4 the low jack? If so, V's range is relatively tight and V should have a massive advantage on the flop.

So I see your logic with the check/call on the flop, but there are a few things that make a flop XR more preferable.

1. Just know that while a XR on any street looks super strong on this board, a Turn XR looks really strong (more so than a flop one). XRing the flop gives V more room to play back at you, V can also 3bet with his value hands (lots) which you happen to beat and you can get it in ahead (you only really lose to his royal flush).

2. As others have said, you are still vulnerable to a 4 flush on the board. If it doesn't improve V to a better flush, then it will likely kill action from worse hands. No bueno, senor!

As played, there are better players than me here who talked about the river so listen to them! I know it's hard to fold a hand like that, but once you run down the list of possible hands this guy bets there... you'll see you beat maybe 3 combos of brave straights. AQ, AJ, AT are checking back there. V has AK, KQ AA, QQ and sure KK, and yea he did bet a good sizing. V has 0 bluffs for that bet size (imo)

But don't get discouraged, with just a few minor adjustments you'd get your money in as a favorite, and he'd suck out on you!

Keep on keeping on.
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