Good play or a huge risk that got lucky?



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Ok, what do you all think of this hand.

I'd been at the table about an hour, the villain (BARRYF62) was very loose & aggressive, but not stupidly so. He'd been making a tidy profit on the table but about 15 minutes before had suffered an expensive defeat (lost $20) when his 2nd nut flush lost to the nuts.

He'd made at least two moves on me in the past hour, making me fold with a cold bluff... he showed 24s without even a pair (had raised $2 preflop)! He had a habbit of raising regularly preflop, but when it went to showdown more often than not he had the winning hand. He tended to show his bluffs too, I believe he was trying to encourage people to call him.

My read is a loose aggressive player who will make a move if he feels he can get away with it, but he will fold quickly if he's hit nothing and feels he can't bluff his opponent.

Pokertiger here is a complete muppet, varying between being a calling station and playing incredibly weakly. Every hand he'd shown down he lost, even calling pot size bets on the river with 88 with a straight, flush and three overcards on the board. Barry had taken him for a lot of money earlier, I was 90% sure pokertiger would fold before the hand was over.

I put Barry on a wide range of hands with his small raise, but he tends to raise $2 with either a strong hand (QQ, JJ) or a very weak hand (24s, 9To). He *always* calls a raise preflop if he's in the hand. I raised because I wanted to show strength and because I wanted to build the pot if I hit.

With that said, here's the play:

#Game No : 5429328111
***** Hand History for Game 5429328111 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, November 11, 04:08:28 ET 2006
Table Jackpot #1307837 (No DP) (real money)
Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 4: twinniie ( $100.70 )
Seat 10: BARRYF62 ( $45.35 )
Seat 6: myxiplx ( $52.35 )
Seat 3: pokertiger72 ( $20.30 )
Seat 5: luffe444 ( $40.60 )
Seat 7: Neoneggro ( $69.25 )
Seat 2: kilbrevo ( $35.80 )
Seat 8: Oranjeb ( $53.90 )
Seat 9: toolatefor ( $64.72 )
Seat 1: Boggarovers ( $9.25 )
Oranjeb posts small blind [$0.25].
toolatefor posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to myxiplx [ 9d Js ]
BARRYF62 raises [$1].
Boggarovers folds.
kilbrevo folds.
pokertiger72 calls [$1].
twinniie folds.
luffe444 folds.
myxiplx raises [$3].
Neoneggro folds.
Oranjeb folds.
toolatefor folds.
BARRYF62 calls [$2].
pokertiger72 folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4c, Ts, Jh ]
BARRYF62 checks.
myxiplx bets [$3].
BARRYF62 calls [$3].

Here I'm a little more nervous... Barry called very quickly, and he tends to fold if he's hit nothing. However my table image was very weak so I still believe I'm ahead here.

** Dealing Turn ** [ Qd ]

Ok, not a great card for me, but I've shown strength throughout. I'm playing as if I have a premium pair, and I'm not wanting to back down now.

BARRYF62 checks.
myxiplx bets [$12].
BARRYF62 calls [$12].
** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]
BARRYF62 checks.
myxiplx bets [$28].
BARRYF62 is all-In [$27.35]


He calls y raise (raise perhaps to small, see podd odds) after the flop so y should ask "What are his possible hands ?"

A A ,KK possible, some guys make a mini bet witj this hand and hope for a good pot,
A K, would he call y raise with possible straight, i would not but if he does and he think y only hv 1 pair he need only a Q, a K or A to win (pot 10,75 just 3 to call, 3,4 :1 )
Q Q, could be
A Q, i think he fold this hand after the raise, but again he needs a Q or K or A to win
A J, not likly, i bet after the flop
A 10 .....

after the turn
QQ he know his chances to win so why not slow play
A K hehe win so sure slow play

so i check and get a free card

after he calls y raise y know he has 3 Q´s or the straight so dont bet after the river

just my opinion, and sry for my bad english


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Well check the hand history, what did he have?

The big raises he is calling but not re-raising makes me think he flopped 2 pair, or AJ etc...


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Looks to me from what you said he has an overpair. He probably hit his set. And he puts you on AJ.


I'd bet bigger on the flop, since you've got top pair which is probably the best hand, but it's not strong enough to want to play it out.

Then I'd check behind on the turn since your hand is no longer looking that great, although you have an open-ended straight draw so outs to improve.

On the river, if he has AK or K9 he's betting for value after your check on the turn - in this case I'd call rather than raise. If he checks again, you can be sure your straight is good, so put in a value bet. (You could try overbetting the pot to make it look like a steal.)

Oh, and at risk of sounding like Dorkus Malorkus, fold pre-flop. At a 10 seater you've no reason to get involved with J9 offsuit.


Yeah, with a player like Barry at the table, you should probably fold J/9 in middle position pre-flop. With the range of hands he plays, and the way he mixes up his play (making it hard to get a read on him), you need to be waiting for BIG HANDS before you tangle with him.

Luckily for you, you hit your straight on the river. I just hope he's not holding AK. I have a feeling he may have hit a higher straight.


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Heh, yeah I don't normally play with J9 offsuit, and I normally do exactly what juiceeQ suggests and wait for a monster before taking them for every penny they have :D. However I'd had a dry run of cards so my table image was tight, and I had confident reads of the two players in the hand. I felt it was time to make a move / bluff & try to outplay them. (If I'm honest I was also a bit bored - but I was conciously aware of that and I *hope* I could have laid this down if it hadn't worked out).

My pot size bet on the turn is what worries me, it felt like the right move at the time - Barry would jump on any weakness so I didn't want to check or bet any smaller, but there's a real danger that I'm beaten here. In a sense I'm gambling that he doesn't have a Q in his hand and it's a semi-bluff. I've still got the long shot at the straight if he calls, but I really wanted him to fold here.

fmo01, the reason for the raise preflop wasn't to push anyone out. I wanted callers, but I wanted them to think I had a strong hand (a little bit of misdirection on my part). The same goes for the small bet on the flop, I didn't want to make it obvious I had a J, I was trying to represent an overpair here, Q's, K's or A's - consistent with my earlier raise. I'd also noticed that Barry has more respect for a considered 1/2 pot bet than any bet over that, he'll nearly always call pot size bets (as with many aggressive players he doesn't like to feel someone's trying to push him out of the pot).

Similarly I don't put him on JJ or above. Every time he had a hand like that he raised $2 preflop. He mixes it up in terms of the range of hands he plays, but the values of the bets look pretty consistent.

He was also calling very fast here - I think he would have taken his time & called 'reluctantly' if he had a monster hand.

And for those of you wanting to know what he had:

myxiplx shows [ 9d, Js ] a straight Eight to Queen.
BARRYF62 doesn't show [ Kc, Qh ] a pair of Queens.
The time at which hand ended:Nov 11 2006 04:09 ET
myxiplx wins $0.65 from side pot #1 with a straight, Eight to Queen.
myxiplx wins $88.95 from the main pot with a straight, Eight to Queen.
Game #5429329240 starts.

Hence my concern about my flop bet. I don't know if I'm being results oriented doubting that, or whether I really just made a horrible play here & got lucky.

More opinions please :D



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Basically he played the hand fairly well, and you sucked out on him. He should have re-raised the turn, but I think he put you on a J and was happy with his open ended draw + top pair and 2nd highest possible kicker.

Then again, the $12 bet on the turn, I dont mind him just calling, its a big bet, and its possible you have 2 pair, etc...

I dont know, weird hand :).


J9o for a re-raise? I dont like this at all. Also, he should have laid down a nice bet when he hit on the turn. I'm not fond of either play here. That said, you won a nice pot, congrats :D
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